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Truck Marine Volvo TD102 Iveco 8460 Perkins CV8 3545653 NEW WH2D Repair Kit

Truck Marine Volvo TD102 Iveco 8460 Perkins CV8 3545653 NEW WH2D Repair Kit

SKU: K-0053
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This is a BRAND NEW TURBOCHARGER REPAIR KIT. This is an exact, direct fit replacement turbo repair kit.

Fits the following:

Part Number: K-0053
Interchangeable Number: 3545653
Description: Repair Kit
Brand: TurboTurbos

Fit for Part Number:
55575, 55580, 63411, 2835588, 3278683, 3501039, 3501106, 3501775, 3504658, 3518613, 3518816, 3518911, 3519209, 3519697, 3520031, 3521804, 3522064, 3522548, 3522549, 3522883, 3522950, 3523022, 3523134, 3523360, 3523718, 3524695, 3524824, 3524825, 3525113, 3525132, 3525169, 3525223, 3525237, 3525743, 3525745, 3525746, 3525994, 3526059, 3526221, 3526360, 3526465, 3526646, 3526828, 3526922, 3526963, 3526967, 3527457, 3527609, 3527997, 3528016, 3528018, 3528026, 3528572, 3528650, 3528651, 3529174, 3529175, 3529186, 3529530, 3529531, 3529724, 3529761, 3529839, 3530070, 3530071, 3530197, 3530536, 3530555, 3530961, 3530962, 3530972, 3530980, 3531567, 3531669, 3531719, 3531773, 3531823, 3532474, 3532475, 3532716, 3533261, 3533262, 3533263, 3533264, 3533616, 3534034, 3534036, 3534037, 3534038, 3534355, 3535043, 3535110, 3535111, 3535322, 3535719, 3535737, 3536272, 3536274, 3536564, 3536565, 3537639, 3537939, 3538623, 3538820, 3538821, 3538905, 3538906, 3538977, 3580707, 3580790, 3580808, 3590005, 3590060, 3590061, 3591295, 3591587, 3591770, 3592690, 3592736, 3593324, 3593325, 3594620, 3598184, 3598185, 3598550, 3598551, 4027206, 4027959, 4032908, 4033115, 4033138, 4033145, 4033332, 4033598, 4033625, 4033633, 4033637, TCH8050

Fit for OEM Number:
19270, 72500, 389901, 422809, 422856, 422923, 422934, 422935, 422936, 422938, 424778, 424819, 468962, 468996, 470387, 479023, 479116, 571574, 571595, 571611, 856652, 863501, 1114892, 1115430, 1115567, 1115749, 1115754, 1116196, 1250650, 1250750, 1341737, 1350752, 1351631, 1387996, 1394694, 1445364, 1545073, 1545097, 1545281, 1545347, 1545348, 1545820, 1558204, 2674310, 2674325, 3522131, 3525238, 3525746, 3530962, 3800836, 3801545, 3801546, 3802066, 3802264, 3802359, 3802639, 3802808, 3802886, 3803018, 3803024, 3803499, 3803558, 3803559, 3803570, 3803639, 3803877, 3803878, 3803879, 4033591, 4706265, 4706266, 4725764, 4778765, 4805154, 4819761, 4935192, 5002205, 5002758, 5002759, 5002911, 5003367, 5003388, 5003439, 8013144, 8013145, 8019991, 8103605, 8106149, 8110129, 8113994, 8194707, 8194708, 11043094, 37500031, 37500041, 50034388, 61315684, 61315685, 61316428, 61317004, 61318577, 61319421, 91033492, 91065099, 91065174, 92901054, 98414561, 98462933, 98462935, 98462944, 98462946, 98462947, 98488950, 500373230, 1420196563, 1900100148, 2820085100, 5000249635, 5000249718, 5000289500, 5000670512, 5000670624, 5000670625, 5000670626, 5000670627, 5000670720, 5000670721, 5000678436, 5000678530, 5000678568, 5000678569, 5000678570, 5000678571, 5000681082, 5000681117, 5000681178, 5000681269, 5000681664, 5000681665, 5000686372, 5000690606, 5000690607, 5000786041, 5000786471, 5000787415, 5000787416, 51091007261, 51091007270, 51091007274, 51091007276, 51091007286, 51091007289, 51091007290, 51091007292, 51091007301, 51091007357, 51091007364, 51091007386, 51091007454, 65091007077, 65091007159, 65091007188, 5.10091E+11, 14201-96563, 14600330Z, 14800010S, 1604016 OG, 1604016OG, 241002670A, 24100-2670A, 241002910C, 24100-2910C, 241002920A, 24100-2920A, 241002920B, 24100-2920B, 2674A028, 28200-85100, 3-7500031, 3-7500041, 3801545R, 51.09100-7320, 51.09100-7261, 51.09100-7270, 51.09100-7274, 51.09100-7276, 51.09100-7286, 51.09100-7289, 51.09100-7290, 51.09100-7292, 51.09100-7301, 51.09100-7357, 51.09100-7364, 5718 ESHAJ, 61315685EZ, 65.09100-7188, 65.09100-7077, 65.09100-7159, 65.09100-7188, A17048, ACU 2068, ACU 2068R, CV17846, CV18409, CV68712, D25934, H25001, H25206, HAJ 2499R, HAJ 3308Y01, HAJ 3308Y02, HAJ 5718, HAJ 5718Y01, HAJ 6346, HAJ 8717, HAJ 8717 Y01, HAJ2499, HAJ5718, HAJ5718Y01, HAJ6346, HAJ8717 Y02, OE49342, OE493421, OE49342-1, OE49342R, OE49547, OE50453, OE50642, OE50642R, OE51140, OE51140R, OE52233, OE52234, OE52235, OE52238, OE52319, OE52711, OE52711R

Fit for Turbo Model:
3FJ, 3FJ-530V/2.85S4, 4LGK, CDC/FA26CA11, H1E, H1E-Cummins, H2B, H2B-8081C/L25A2, H2B-8081C/L28A3, H2B-8081C/L30A3, H2C, H2C-8625O/HA20S3, H2C-8625O/P22U3, H2C-8625P/P22U3, H2C-8625P/P25U3, H2C-8625T/P25T3, H2C-8635N/S28Q3, H2C-8635O/L30A3, H2C-8640AS/P22U3, H2C-8640P/P22U3, H2C-8640T/P25T3, H2C-8650/S35B11, H2C-8650N/X22Q11, H2C-8650N/X25Q11, H2C-8650P/P25T11, H2C-8650T/S35B11, H2C-8650T/S35W11, H2D, H2D-9341/TA19Q11, H2D-9341/TA19Q3, H2D-9341/X19Q11, H2D-9341/X19Q3, H2D-9341BL/P25U11, H2D-9341N/X22Q11, H2D-9341O/HA20S3, H2D-9341O/P25U11, H2D-9341P/P25T11, H2D-9341T/P22U3, H2D-9351AK/S28W11, H2D-9351BL/P19U3, H2D-9351N/HA20S11, H2D-9351N/HA20S3, H2D-9351P/B16J3, H2D-9351P/HA20S3, H2D-9351T/P22U3, H2D-9361AJ/S35B11, H2D-9361AK/S25B11, H2D-9361AK/S35B11, H2D-9361AZ/P25T3, H2D-9361BA/HA20S3, H2D-9361BA/S25W3, H2D-9361BA/S28W11A, H2D-9361BL/P25U11, H2D-9361CL/S32W11, H2D-9361N/HA20S3, H2D-9361O/P28U11, H2D-9361O/S25B11, H2D-9361O/S32W11A, H2D-9361P/P22U3, H2D-9361T/S25B11, H2D-9371AU/S28B11, H2D-9371BA/S25B11, H2D-9371BA/S28B11A, H2D-9371BA/S28W11A, H2D-9371BA/S32W11A, H2DM, HX50, HX50-E9841N/HA20S3, HX50G, HX50M, HX50W, HX50W-E9841BA/X17JC3D, WH2D, WH2D-9341AZ/WX17Q3, WH2D-9341BA/WX17Q3, WH2D-9351BA/WS22W3, WH2D-9371AZ/XA22TC3, WH2D-9371AZ/XA22TC3A

Fit for Application:
1948-94 Volvo Truck FL12, FN12 with TD120D, TD120G, TD121G Diesel Engine
1983- Volvo F10, FL10 Truck with 9.6L TD101F Diesel Engine
1983-06 Various with Cummins LTA10-335 Engine
1983-06 Volvo Various with Cummins V6378 Engine
1983-93 Dodge Truck with 7.5L Cummins L10, L10 CELECT Diesel Engine
1985- Chrysler Cruiser with TL11, TLHA Diesel Engine
1985- Leyland DAF, Various with TL11, TLHA Diesel Engine
1985-01 Gardner Truck with 5LXCT Engine
1985-02 DAF Truck with ID-32 SS 6L Engine
1985-02 Gardner Truck with 6HLXCT Engine
1985-02 Iveco Marine with SRM 8361 Engine
1985-02 Leyland DAF Truck with 6XLCT, 6 LXC Engine
1985-02 Marine with Isotta Fraschini ID-38 SS 6V Diesel Engine
1985-02 Perkins Marine with TV640 Engine
1985-02 Sabre Marine with TV640 Engine
1985-03 Iveco Agricultural with 8365 Diesel Engine
1985-03 Iveco Industrial with 8280 SRI, 8285 SRI Diesel Engine
1985-03 Iveco Marine with 8285 SM, 8061 SM, 8280 SM Diesel Engine
1985-03 Iveco Various with 8280 Diesel Engine
1986- JI Lehman Sabre Marine with 2728TIM Diesel Engine
1986- Various with Cummins 6CTA Diesel Engine
1986-06 Baudouin 6F120 Various with 6.75L Cummins Engine
1986-93 Bus, Various with Cummins L10 Diesel Engine
1986-99 Perkins Truck with 26ST, C6-TG1, C6-TG2, 300T, 350TC, 26ST, 2006TWG, 300LE, C6-TG1, C6-TG2 Diesel Engine
1987- Marine, Gen Set with Isotta Fraschini ID-38-SS6V, ID38SS6V Diesel Engine
1987-99 Volvo Bus B10L, B10M, B10R, Olympian Mk 11 with THD102KF, THD102KB Diesel Engine
1987-99 Volvo Truck with THD102KB Diesel Engine
1988- Scania 113 Truck with 11.2L DSC11-17 Diesel Engine
1988-05 Iveco 190.32 Unic Truck Motor with 9.5L 8460, 8460.41.102 Diesel Engine
1988-06 Various with Cummins L10 Diesel Engine
1988-06 Volvo Truck, Bus with 9.6L TD102F, TD102FH, TD102 Diesel Engine
1988-08 Perkins Marine with CV8 Diesel Engine
1988-10 Leyland DAF, Various with Cummins TL11 Engine
1988-12 Iveco Marine, Truck with 13.8L 8210 SRI 25, 8361SRI25 Diesel Engine
1988-93 Truck with Cummins L10 Diesel Engine
1989-11 Renault C290, R330, DG290, G290, DG320, FR1, DG290, C290, DG320 Truck with MIDR062045 Diesel Engine
1989-11 Renault FR1 Bus with MIDR062045 Diesel Engine
1989-12 MAN 264.22 Truck with D2866LY Diesel Engine
1989-12 MAN Various with D2866LF06, D2866 LY, D2866LF09, D2866LF10 Diesel Engine
1989-99 Perkins British Rail Industrial with Eagle Diesel Engine
1990-01 Sabre Marine with Diesel Engine
1990-06 Marine, Fire Pump Truck with Cummins 6CTA Engine
1990-06 Perkins ERF with Eagle E12TX Diesel Engine
1990-07 Perkins Various with CV8 (LP3). CV8 Diesel Engine
1990-10 Iveco Marine with 8361SRM37, 8281SRM44, 8460SRM45, 8460SRM, 8281SRM06 Diesel Engine
1990-11 MAN 270 Truck with D2866LF31, D2876LF06 Diesel Engine
1990-11 Scania Various with DSC11, 6D22T Diesel Engine
1991- DAF FA95.430 Truck with 11.6L WS 315 Diesel Engine
1991- Iveco 370E30, Bus, SPR-Range, Truck with 13.8L 8210.22.419 Diesel Engine
1991- Iveco Eurotech, SPR-Range, Truck, 190.36, 330.36, Industrial with 13.8L 8210.22.212, 8210.42R.269, 8210.22.170, 8210.22.800, 8210.22 Diesel Engine
1991- Volvo FS10, FL10, N10, NL10 Truck with 9.6L TD102F Diesel Engine
1991-93 Various with Cummins L10 CNG, L10, L10 LCNG Engine
1992- Baudouin-Perkins Various with TV8.640 Engine
1992- Hino Truck with K13C Diesel Engine
1992- MAN Various with D2842LF01 Diesel Engine
1992- Mermaid Marine Marine with Magnum Diesel Engine
1992- Scania Various with DS11-34/-36 Diesel Engine
1992- Various with Cummins LTA10 Engine
1992- Volvo Truck, Bus, B10B, B10M, F10 with 9.6L THD103KD Diesel Engine
1992-01 Baudouin Various, Marine with 6R120SPE, 6R 120 SPE Diesel Engine
1992-01 Iveco 175.24 Truck, Bus-Intercity with 9.5L 8460.21.010 Diesel Engine
1992-01 Iveco 190.26 Truck with 9.5L 8460.21 Diesel Engine
1993-01 Hino Various with K13C Diesel Engine
1993-03 Scania 113 Truck with 11.0L DSC11 Engine
1993-03 Scania Bus with 11.0L DSC11-26 Engine
1993-04 Hino Truck, Various with K13C Diesel Engine
1993-08 Automotive with Cummins 94GLTA10 Engine
1993-08 Bus, Truck with Cummins GLTA10, 94 GLTA10 Diesel Engine
1993-08 Commercial T-Drive Bus with Cummins 94GLTA10 Diesel Engine
1994- Industrial with Cummins L10, LTA10 Gas Engine
1994- Iveco Generator with 8292 SRI Engine
1994- Nissan Various with PE6TV, PE6 Diesel Engine
1994- Perkins Truck, British Rail with Eagle, TW2 2006, CV68712/1 Diesel Engine
1994-02 Marine with 8.3L Cummins 6C, 6BTA "B" Series Diesel Engine
1994-98 MAN 463 Truck, Various with D2876LF02 Diesel Engine
1994-99 Perkins Truck with Eagle 350TX Diesel Engine
1995- Marine, Truck Fire Pump with Cummins 6CTA Engine
1995-02 Marine with Cummins 400C, 420C, C Series Diesel Engine
1995-09 MAN Truck, Marine with D2865LF, D2865LF05, D2865LF02, D2865LF03, D2865LF22, D2865LF06 Diesel Engine
1995-11 Dodge Truck with 10.0L Cummins LTA10 Diesel Engine
1995-98 Iveco Railway, Truck with 8217.32 Diesel Engine
1996- Mermaid Marine with 7.5L Magnum, Mirage II Diesel Engine
1996- Scania Various with DSC11, DS11-97A, DS11-96, DS11-95 Diesel Engine
1996-08 Marine with 8.3L Cummins 6CTA Diesel Engine
1996-09 Scania Truck with DSC9-48A, DSC9-47A, DSC9-46A Diesel Engine
1996- Perkins Various with Eagle 350 Diesel Engine
1997-06 Daewoo Marine with D1146M, D114 6M Engine
1998-03 Awd-Bedford Military & TL Coach, Civilian Truck with 500TD Diesel Engine
1998-12 Baudouin with 9.6L 6F12SRY Diesel Engine
1998-12 Iveco Marine with 9.6L 8210SRM01, 8361SRM10, 8281SRM Diesel Engine
1998-12 Volvo B10B, N10, F10 Truck with 9.6L THD100E, TD100GA, TD101GB, TD100G Diesel Engine
1998-12 Volvo F10 Truck with 9.6L TD100G Diesel Engine
2000- Scania Industrial with DSC9, DSC9-46A, DSC9-47A, DSI9-48A Engine
2000-05 Renault R340, R365, R420V8, CBH340, CBH357, A3, 380 with 11.6L MIDR063540, MIDR, MIDR 063540 Diesel Engine
2001- Daewoo Marine, Industrial Gen Set with 11.0L GV222TIC, GE12TIC Gas Engine
2008- Doosan, Daewoo Marine, Industrial Gas Gen Set with 11.0L GE12TIC Engine
Awd/Bedford TL Truck & Coach with 500TD Diesel Engine
Fiat Industrial Loader with 9.5L 8460.21.010 Diesel Engine
Gen Set with 10.0L Cummins L10 Bravo Gas Engine
Perkins Truck with TV8-640 Diesel Engine
Pre-1996 Leyland DAF Construction Truck with TL11 Engine
Pre-2003 Gardner Truck with 6LXDT Engine
Scania Truck, Commercial Bus with DS11-34/-36 Diesel Engine
Volvo with TL11, TLHA Diesel Engine

Change repair kit at your own risk. Turbocharger still need necessary testing to ensure the turbo can run properly such as balanced.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call us.

For our Warranty / Return Policy, please see our Policies at the top of the website.

Ask us about this product:

Core Rebate Offer

Although it is not required, we would like to request that you return your old assembled core back to us. We may rebate up to 10% of the purchase price depending on the condition of your core.

A return shipping label will be provided upon request. Cores must be returned within 60 days of the purchase date. Please allow up to 3 business days for us to process your refund.

Core Charge / Deposit Policy

Not all items include a Core Charge or Core Deposit Policy. Please read item description carefully to see if item includes one.


There is a core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This item requires an additional refundable amount in addition to the purchase price. We cannot ship your part until the core deposit is paid. We will refund the core deposit back to you once we receive your old re-build able core.

Cores must be returned within 60 days of the purchase date. Please allow up to 3 business days for us to process your refund.

Warranty Policy for Turbocharger, Component, and Kit

Each new or remanufactured turbocharger, component, and kit is warranted to be free of manufacturer’s defects for 1 year from the date of purchase. All units returned to TurboTurbos for warranty consideration must be shipped freight prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted. If your warranty is approved, we will refund the cost of return shipping.

New or remanufactured OEM turbocharger, component, and kit sent in for warranty consideration often require us returning the unit back to the original manufacturer for processing. We cannot be held responsible for turnaround times in these instances. The final decision will be made by the manufacturer.

All used turbochargers come with no warranty. They are sold *AS IS* unless stated otherwise.

All turbocharger cores come with no warranty. They are sold *AS IS*. The turbocharger has to be rebuilt to function.

TurboTurbos will replace or refund at its discretion any TurboTurbos brand product that proves defective in material or workmanship under normal installation, use, and service.

Our warranty DOES NOT cover any damage or malfunction due to improper installation procedure, misuse, neglect, unauthorized disassembly or alteration, or externally induced physical damage.

Return & Exchange Policy for Turbocharger, Component, and Kit

Returning UNINSTALLED parts will be treated as a standard return and subject to a 15% restocking fee. You must also select to either replace or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Please note that the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping.

Returning any INSTALLED parts will result in no refund, no exceptions. We will arrange to get you a replacement part if by mistake the wrong part is sent. If you feel the part has failed after installation you must send it back for warranty processing. Please contact us for further information on our warranties.

Warranty Policy for Ignition Enhancer

Each Ignition Enhancer is warranted to be free of manufacturer’s defects for 3 years from the date of purchase. Please contact us to begin a warranty claim.

  • We will provide a prepaid return shipping label.
  • It may take up to 3 business days after we receive your warranty return for us to inspect the item and process your exchange or refund. If for any reason your warranty is denied, we will contact you to let you know the details of the denial.

TurboTurbos will replace or refund at its discretion any product that proves defective in material or workmanship under normal installation, use, and service. Our warranty DOES NOT cover any damage or malfunction due to improper installation, misuse, unauthorized alteration, or externally induced physical damage.

Return & Exchange Policy for Ignition Enhancer

If you are not entirely satisfied with your Ignition Enhancers, we’re here to help. Just contact us within 90 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund.

  • We accept returns for installed and uninstalled Enhancers. However, your return WILL NOT be accepted if there is physical damage to the Enhancer.
  • Please contact us for a free return shipping label.
  • It may take up to 3 business days after we receive your return for us to process your refund. Please note that processing times vary by card issuer, so it may take a few more days for you to receive the credit.
  • Funds will be returned to the original form of payment.

Please contact us to begin the simple return process.

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