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A Brief History of BorgWarner Turbochargers

A Brief History of BorgWarner Turbochargers

The time spent on the road may be slow, and we want the ability to move fast with great efficiency. The turbocharger is the solution to give you the boost you need on the road—and if you're going to have the most reliable performance, a BorgWarner turbocharger will help. These turbochargers have an interesting history of how they became such notorious turbochargers, and from their past, we may find a boosting speed in the present and future.

What Is a BorgWarner Turbocharger?

A BorgWarner turbocharger is an automotive part attached to the engine known for its reliability and enhanced ingenuity. These turbochargers come in various manufacturing, and BorgWarner makes clean energy for vehicles of different makes, such as diesel, gasoline, or hybrid. The light technology they seek to make gives their turbochargers a reliable efficiency that supplies great power to boost an engine while not weighing the engine down. This company has wastegates for all vehicle engines and electric motors, which is why many people rely on BorgWarner for quality OEM gear.


The history of BorgWarner turbochargers takes us back to its origins in 1928, when the company was originally formed. The brand is a merger of four different companies: Borg & Beck Company, Warner Gear Company, Marvel-Schebler Carburetor Corporation, and Mechanics Universal Joint Company.

All four companies were known for supplying manufacturers with the needed car parts and expanded their business through this method. With the merging of these companies, more business would come through and allow for more possibilities for growth and automotive developments. Halfway through 1928, an agreement was made to call the merged companies the BorgWarner Company.


The goals of the new BorgWarner company hadn’t been different from the individual goals of the four separate companies. The newly founded company still manufactured automotive parts of great quality to ship to other automotive manufacturers. Along the way, BorgWarner would advance in automotive technology, bringing its reputation up and attracting more business.


Within the next few years, the BorgWarner Company would gain more people under its wing through purchases of companies and deals of business. Given the newfound size of the merged companies, they would need to compensate for the shared manufacturing goals.

Combining Companies

In 1929, BorgWarner purchased the Detroit Gear and Machine Company to gain more factory space to keep up with the company's new needs for higher production rates. Two more companies, Long Manufacturing and Rockford Drilling, were also acquired. Both companies were among the top three companies in the country that produced the best clutches, radiators, and disc plates.

BorgWarner would gain more momentum going into the 1930s, with Ford Motors contracting the company to construct transmissions for its new gearshift. In 1934, the engineers of Warner Gear developed the first overdrive and sold it to Chrysler, bringing more fame to the company for its engineering. About two decades later, the company would become the permanent manufacturer of Ford Motor’s transmissions.

Ingenuity Across the World

The brands were famed for being used for battles fought worldwide when BrogWarner would create. It wouldn’t be until the late 2000s and mid-2010s that the company would expand its manufacturing overseas to Germany, China, and other countries for their turbochargers and other boosting technology.

The Rising Finances

Given BorgWarner’s increasing fame and notoriety, the company gained the ability to branch out and create new automotive parts and generate more income for themselves. The increase in companies within their business allowed more possibilities for outside help and focus on different industries, such as chemicals and electric wiring. All these resources would pool together to generate the idea for the effective turbocharger that many vehicles of the present would rely on. The results of these turbochargers would create more business and help BorgWarner delve into different areas of manufacturing for other cars.


Throughout BorgWarner’s almost century-long history, numerous inventions have been used for different means. Some of these creations have revolutionized the automotive, electrical, and even medical fields. The company's fame would grow with each new design, and the public reliance on BorgWarner’s technology would deepen.


As they originally started as multiple automotive manufacturers and became one large automotive manufacturer, it’s no surprise that BorgWarner has made leaps in the automotive industry. The creation of Ford's transmissions and the first overdrive system created many new possibilities to increase the speed of vehicles everywhere. Having been contracted by the marines to make semi-aquatic tanks gave the US an advantage in WWII and created a foundation for what military vehicles could become in later decades.

Many experiments on electronic sensors and silicon technology would later assist in advancing electric cars. The power of the turbocharger and its lightweight frame would change how people use boosting technology. Automotive companies began using these turbos and noticed a qualitative number of good reviews regarding the efficient technology that BorgWarner supplied.


There were multiple times when BorgWarner’s efficient work would reach other industries alongside their work in the automotive field. One of the primary companies that started BorgWarner, Warner Gear, would have its scientists conduct experiments that would eventually lead to the production of a specialized rubber compound that would help insulate electrical wires in 1934. This rubber coating would help many electronic machines in many industries and created a large uproar when it gained popularity in the war for its use in improving radar's radio-detecting technology.

In 1949, the company spent some time in the medical field, where it developed the revolutionary iron lung that would help numerous people and save many lives, which was previously thought impossible.

BorgWarner’s Present

Today, BorgWarner's technology has focused on creating more eco-friendly and energy-efficient vehicle parts. The turbochargers used have become equipped to handle all vehicles and create boosting power that will produce a cleaner charge for engines and motors. Many companies have found these cleaner turbochargers favorable and have stocked up on such devices as TurboTurbos. The company will continue to try and make advancing technology and improve the world with its innovations, as well as when making new turbos for sale.

The history of BorgWarner’s turbocharger is filled with many developments and gained fame. The turbocharger BorgWarner created will continue to grow in popularity, just as the company has from its origins into the present.

A Brief History of BorgWarner Turbochargers

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