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Center Housing

Turbocharger Center Turbine Housing

A turbocharger center turbine housing unit is one of the most crucial elements in determining how well your turbocharger will perform. It is designed to cover the turbine and direct exhaust into the turbine wheel, which makes the wheel rotate. This function helps increase exhaust-driven force, thus improving overall performance and engine efficiency.

Like many other turbocharger components, choosing the right turbocharger center turbine housing unit makes a big difference. That is why TurboTurbos is here to help. We have been in the turbocharger business for over 17 years and often collaborate with many major OEM manufacturers, including Garrett, BorgWarner, Holset, IHI, and MHI, to bring our customers only the best turbocharger parts. Our wide range of units is available for heavy-duty construction equipment, military vehicles, trucks, and cars of both foreign and domestic origins.