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Compressor Wheel

Turbo Compressor Wheel

A turbo compressor wheel is an essential part of the turbocharger that directly affects airflow and turbo efficiency. They can be designed in various styles, each of which has a different effect on your turbocharger’s overall performance. Some of the styles we carry include the flatback, superback, deep superback, and extended tip compressor wheel. The flatback design is one of the earliest styles of compressor wheels and is best for low boost turbochargers. The superback design is an updated variant of the flatback model that features extra material on its exducer. It is best suited for turbochargers that induce high pressure on the compressor wheel. The deep superback design features an even further reinforced exducer for improved damage prevention. The extended tip compressor wheel style provides a faster and more efficient boost response by having a wider exducer diameter. No matter the model you seek, you can count on TurboTurbos to have the right turbo compressor wheel for you.