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A Quick Guide to Testing an Actuator in Your Turbocharger

A Quick Guide to Testing an Actuator in Your Turbocharger

When inspecting your vehicle’s turbocharger, you’ll have to check on a few parts to ensure everything works as it should. The actuator is an essential piece and is responsible for the boost. You should test it to make sure it functions well. Use this quick guide to testing your turbocharger’s actuator, and confirm the device improves your engine.

Turn Off the Engine and Inspect the Actuator

Start the process by turning off the engine. You must let the engine cool down completely before inspecting under the hood. The actuator is visible on the turbo; look around the turbine wheel’s housing. The component is small but sticks out.

Check the manufacturer’s manual for images of the different components. Directly inspecting the actuator is the best way to test it and gain a better understanding of how it moves.

Test the Actuator’s Movement

The next step is to test how the actuator moves. The wastegate connected to the actuator should have a connection near or on the turbine wheel’s housing. Push the actuator with your finger to determine how much pressure it takes to move.

If it moves easily, you may experience a loose wastegate, as the actuator doesn’t keep it in place. If it takes a lot of effort to move it, it may result in a large gap between releasing the exhaust that enters the turbo. You won’t have the full burts you require from your turbocharger if either of these issues is present in the actuator. At this point, you’ll need to tune it.

Tuning and Retesting the Turbo

The rod of the actuator determines how much boost your vehicle receives. Adjusting the jam nuts will cause the actuator to move less or more depending on the space between them. Check the mobility of the actuator after making adjustments.

If it still moves like it did before tweaking, you’ll need to make more adjustments. Alternatively, you could replace the component with a new one. Check out TurboTurbos for a turbo actuator for sale that fits your turbocharging needs.

Understanding the actuator’s role is important when owning a turbo, and testing it can help you ensure it works. Reference this quick guide for testing your turbo’s actuator to achieve strong boosts in your engine.

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