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Adjusting and Upgrading Your Wastegate Actuator

Adjusting and Upgrading Your Wastegate Actuator

If you want a reliable engine, you must ensure all its parts are in optimal condition. This includes making sure that you are adjusting and upgrading your wastegate actuator. Let’s talk about why this task is important as well as what you can do to keep your wastegate operating how it should.

Is Your Wastegate Actuator Important?

Every part of the turbocharger plays an important role in the overall process—the wastegate actuator is no different. The part operates to control the flow of gases throughout the turbo, which is no small job for overall function. This is an important job because it allows the turbocharger to work and control the maximum boost.

Why Adjust and Upgrade Your Wastegate Actuator?

When a wastegate actuator becomes overly worn from use or damaged, it can cause problems for the overall operational success of the turbocharger. This can, ultimately, negatively affect the car altogether.

By deciding that you are going to adjust or upgrade your wastegate actuator yourself, you are going to either take a look inside the wastegate actuator at the spring or the preload of this spring. Depending on what specific wastegate actuator you have determines the next steps that you can take. The internal spring can be changed for aftermarket actuators and external wastegates, where only the aspect that can be changed for the OEM actuator is the preload.

If the wastegate actuator is not kept up with, it can result in incidents such as the part misdirecting the gas or exhaust through the turbo. This is not what you want to happen, so by adjusting and upgrading your wastegate actuator yourself, you are keeping your vehicle working efficiently.

Does Your Wastegate Actuator Need Maintenance?

Make sure to pay attention to see if it needs maintenance. There are a few tell-tale signs that this is the case including your check engine light turning on, your turbo is not producing boost during acceleration, or you have a dramatic decrease in the overall fuel economy. In addition to these signs, it is always good to have an overall check done on your car to see how worn or used the wastegate actuator is.

If any of these signs have happened to you and your vehicle, make sure that you take the next steps in adjusting and upgrading your wastegate actuator.

If you’re wondering how exactly you take those next steps, you could take your vehicle to a mechanic to have it looked at and serviced, or you can visit our company, TurboTurbos. Here, you can purchase your own pneumatic or electronic turbo actuator to install. Take the next steps needed for your vehicle’s overall efficiency and upgrade and adjust your wastegate actuator today!

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