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How BorgWarner’s eBooster Helped Eliminate Turbo Lag

How BorgWarner’s eBooster Helped Eliminate Turbo Lag

BorgWarner is a trusted manufacturer of turbochargers and turbo parts that supplement turbocharging systems, both upstream and downstream. The eBooster delivers the boost cars need until the turbocharger has enough power to take over, eliminating the dreaded turbo lag.

Learn how BorgWarner’s eBooster helped eliminate turbo lag and how it can improve your car’s performance.

Supplemental Power

To understand turbo lag means you’ll need to know how turbos work. An eBooster provides supplemental power as the turbocharger revs up, eliminating the moments of downtime between pressing on the accelerator and your engine response. They can help make a four-cylinder perform like a six-cylinder engine by responding immediately, then switching power to the turbo.

The eBooster runs on motor power, and a bypass value phases it out by opening and sending the forced air around it instead of through it. From there, the turbocharger kicks in.

Fuel Economy

BorgWarner’s eBooster is also helpful to increase fuel economy in both smaller cars and larger turbos. Downsizing an engine increases the vehicle’s fuel economy, but typically makes the torque less powerful. But if your car has an eBooster and turbocharger, you’ll have better fuel economy and a faster transient response. It should be noted that an eBooster doesn’t dramatically alter the fuel economy of a vehicle, but it does help a vehicle improve its fuel efficiency.


Adding an eBooster to a turbocharged engine offers good value for both the car manufacturer and the driver because of the dual improvements to performance and gas mileage. Adding an eBooster rather than installing a supercharger is simpler because superchargers need a more expensive belt drive and clutch along with other elements. Superchargers are also not as controllable, energy efficient, or instantaneous.

Upgrade With an eBooster

Now that you know how BorgWarner’s eBooster has helped eliminate turbo lag, it can eliminate turbo lag in your vehicle, too! Whether you need to upgrade your performance or replace a broken part, contact us at TurboTurbos, and we’ll help you find the BorgWarner turbo parts you need to improve your car’s performance.

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