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How to Repair Your Turbocharger

How to Repair Your Turbocharger

Car repairs can be easy or difficult depending on the project. No matter the situation, there are many guides and instructions to help you. Here is one on how to repair your turbocharger for basic maintenance. Remember that any serious repairs or difficulties may require a complete replacement or expert handling.

Steps to Basic Turbo Repair

  1. Use a dry-cleaning solvent on the turbocharger exterior. Wipe away any moisture.
  2. Disassemble the turbocharger so that ever piece is serviceable. Make sure no residual oil exists, as this can cook and leave carbon residue behind. With carbon build up, oil flow restricts and reduces your turbo’s efficiency.
  3. Inspect and clean every piece. Measuring the inside housing diameters and outside shaft diameters can indicate which parts you must replace and which you can reuse. Any cracked parts should be replaced. Remove all foreign objects that could lodge in the compressor or duct areas. Clean these areas to alleviate carbon buildup.
  4. Make sure every part is balanced. Any imbalance can foil the turbocharger assembly. Balance compressors and turbines individually before balancing the other components.
  5. Place new bearings and seals in the turbocharger cartridge. The shaft uses a thin layer of oil whenever it spins, which can clog seals. Clean the seals and replace them if necessary.
  6. Check the boost controller spring. Over time, this can face wear and tear which reduces the maximum power your turbo emits. Replace this spring if necessary.
  7. Place the turbocharger cartridge back between the hot and cold housings. Check the wastegate actuator when opened to see if the internal wastegate is the correct pressure.
  8. Change the air filter. Dirty air-filtration systems can cause oil leakages near the compressor.

In case this guide on how to repair your turbocharger wasn’t enough and you need serious turbocharger repairs or replacement, call us at TurboTurbos. We provide premium turbo rebuild service at a reasonable cost. For the DIYer, check out our assortment of electric or manual actuators, solenoid valves, CHRAs, repair kits, or turbochargers. We carry top turbo brands like BorgWarner, Garrett, Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and more. We also have many OEM, aftermarket, and refurbished turbochargers for sale. Whatever the reason, call us today for an expert opinion.

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