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How To Turbocharge a Naturally Aspirated Engine

How To Turbocharge a Naturally Aspirated Engine

The two most common types of engines are the naturally aspirated engine and the turbocharged engine. But what happens if you want the benefits of a turbocharger, but are stuck with a naturally aspirated engine? The good news is you can have one installed! We share how to turbocharge a naturally aspirated engine and share a few things to keep in mind when considering this automotive project.

Understand the Difference in Engines

Before starting the process of turbocharging a naturally aspirated engine, one needs to understand the different types of engines. You want to know how a turbocharger is going to alter the preexisting engine to determine the impact it will have. Some of the differences between the two engines include not only the compression ratio and ignition timing but the camshaft profiles and the type of pistons. Grasping these differences will allow you to better under the overall task.

Do Your Research

Don’t just stop at knowing the difference between your naturally aspirated engine and a turbocharged one. While that will provide you with a solid foundation to start, it will not give you the details and knowledge needed to perform the task successfully. The research will show not only why this is a difficult task to complete, but what areas to watch out for as well. You don’t want to go into this project blindly or it could be harmful to your vehicle and its engine. You also don’t want to waste your money.

Hire a Professional

If you are not an individual who understands the inner workings of vehicles, this is not a task for you. No matter how much research we perform, this task is not going to be done easily and efficiently. Understand this is a job for a professional. Upon hiring an expert, before you know it, your car will have that extra boost of power you’re looking for, and you won’t have any of the headaches that come with actually getting the job done.

While these three tips above don’t exactly explain the inner workings of how to turbocharge a naturally aspirated engine, they give you the foundation for how to go about getting it done if you are not a professional. Hopefully, they’ve put things into perspective for you!

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