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Maintenance Tips for Turbocharged Cars

Maintenance Tips for Turbocharged Cars

Turbochargers are devices that provide forced induction and internal combustion in the engine. They increase the engine’s efficiency and power output with forced compressed air in the combustion chamber. Still, like any part of a car, turbochargers can break because of improper care or constant wear. That’s why these maintenance tips for turbocharged cars are important to avoid unwarranted turbo issues and increase its lifespan.

Replace the Oil

A key part to ensure your turbocharger lasts is to keep it lubricated. When your engine is in use, it functions under intense heat and pressure, especially in the compression valve and outlet fans. High-quality engine oil will reduce wear on these pieces and improve the engine’s performance. Your turbo system will circulate this oil throughout the engine to lubricate every part of your engine. Consider replacing the oil every 5,000 miles or according to your owner’s manual. Also, be sure to check for your type of engine to see which oil is best for you.

Warm Up the Engine

Many car owners make this mistake, but it’s important to let your car warm up. This is especially important when it’s cold outside. The cold temperatures thicken your engine oil, which causes it to flow slower in the engine bay. When your car has warmed, the engine oil has thinned and can lubricate each component freely. Remember not to drive too aggressively as this can put intense strain on your oil pump.

Know the Limits

In many vehicles, the turbocharger is designed to make up the power of a low-performance engine. Still, this means the turbo has limits that can affect its condition. For instance, aggressive use of the accelerator may cause too much stress to the turbo. Gentle driving will spare your turbo from harsh conditions and reduce wear on the engine.

Let the Engine Cool Off

As for the final maintenance tip for turbocharged cars: be sure to let the engine cool down before powering off the vehicle. A turbocharger produces a lot of heat that can boil the engine oil if you turn off the engine right away. This can cause carbon particles to build up, which might corrode the engine. One way to avoid this is to leave the engine running idly for about 15 seconds before turning off the vehicle. This will reduce the residual heat in the turbocharger and ensure your engine cools completely.

Still, sometimes poor maintenance and overuse can cause your turbocharger to fail completely. That’s why it’s important to look for a new one when possible. Fortunately, we at Turbo Turbos have the best turbo parts online. Check out our selection of OEM, remanufactured, replacement, and aftermarket turbochargers for your vehicle. We carry only the top brands, like BorgWarner, Holset, Garrett, IHI, and more. Contact us today with any questions, and we’ll be happy to find the best turbocharger or turbo part for you.

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