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MHI Turbocharger Kits and Their Key Features

MHI Turbocharger Kits and Their Key Features

When you decide to install a turbocharger to your engine, it can offer many benefits. While turbochargers initially provide power and torque, they also give you fuel efficiency and engine longevity. And best of all, choosing a reliable turbocharger doesn’t have to be complicated.

MHI (also known as Mitsubishi Heavy Industry) turbocharger kits can offer a lot to your car engine. With replacement and performance upgrade parts, MHI turbocharger kits make a fantastic choice by providing years of perfected technology. So, let’s look at MHI turbocharger kits and the distinct features that make them stand out.

What Are MHI Turbochargers?

So, how do MHI turbocharger kits differ from other brands? A traditional turbocharger consists of two halves; a compressor section and a turbine section. On one side, hot exhaust gasses spin the turbine, causing an air compressor to push excess air into cylinders. As a result, it burns more fuel and creates more power for the engine.

MHI turbochargers offer compact, high-tech, reliable, and compact designs to help maximize vehicle performance. Additionally, the MHI lineup covers multiple vehicle types, including commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The design of MHI turbochargers incorporates 3D imaging to allow engineers to simulate optimal balancing of conflicting requirements, making for high-quality, reliable turbos.

Key MHI Turbo Features

Now that you have a basic understanding of MHI turbochargers, knowing their key features will help you better grasp why they’re so popular. From their focus on being more environmentally friendly and having a larger turbine wheel, going forward with MHI turbochargers make a wonderful addition to your vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Improvements

With consumers becoming more aware of carbon emissions, MHI turbochargers have gained attention for better environmental practices. Many turbochargers have become downsized, resulting in reduced fuel consumption.

As a result, having MHI turbo parts installed on an engine can help reduce toxic exhaust gases and decrease carbon emissions. This goes hand-in-hand with both automotive and shipping industries cracking down on stricter environmental regulations, making a wise choice for both power and cleaner air.

100 Percent Bolt-On Attachment

Installing a standard turbocharger can become a time-consuming process. However, when installing an MHI turbocharger kit, their newer models have a 100 percent bolt-on upgrade. The 100 percent bolt-on upgrade provides reliability and impressive power gains, making for easier installation and power production.

Larger Turbine Wheel Design

For standard turbochargers, turbine wheels boost the air intake pressure and direct the exhaust gas exiting the engine. For MHI turbos, their newer bolt-on models come with larger turbine wheels.

These larger turbine wheels can remove significant exhaust gas volumes, thus creating more power. While it does require more effort to get a larger turbine wheel to spin, it can produce satisfying power.

At TurboTurbos, we provide MHI turbocharger kits and the parts you need for a more powerful engine. Whether you need MHI TD04 parts or an entirely new turbo, we guarantee you’ll find what you need with us. If you have inquiries about us and our catalog, please contact us today.

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