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Should You Replace Your Hydraulic Actuator With an Electric?

Should You Replace Your Hydraulic Actuator With an Electric?

A turbo involves multiple parts working together to create a functional device. The actuator, or wastegate, is an important component in a turbo system and may come in an electric or hydraulic form. Countless people use hydraulic actuators, but it may be time to ask yourself if it's time to switch to an electric version.

Hydraulic Actuators

A hydraulic system uses the pressure from fluid to activate a mechanism. In a hydraulic actuator, fluid streams through a line that builds pressure and causes a mechanism to activate and open the actuator. These actuators will withstand great force due to the accumulated hydraulic pressure.

The fluid won't compress, which allows the pressure to remain the same throughout the transfer process for long periods. Because of this pressure, the fluid flow tube may be prone to leakage, leading to frequent maintenance and cleanup. While the hydraulic actuator is reliable when working with higher pressures, you may need to put in more effort to prevent malfunction.

Electronic Actuators

This type of actuator uses the power of an electric motor to open. These actuators benefit from a more precise setting for when you need more or less boost from your turbo. Opening the wastegate under certain pressures will give you the freedom to drive your way through any situation.

A turbo’s electronic actuator is easy to install, as you won't need to worry about external components and will only need to perform simple wiring to connect it. These reasons may encourage you to switch from hydraulic actuators to electric, so it's important to note the price of an electronic actuator is higher than a hydraulic model. Additionally, if you run the car for too long, you may cause the electronic actuator to overheat.

What Are the Benefits of Switching?

If you switch to an electric actuator, you will benefit from a safer ride and an easier setup. Although both actuators have their drawbacks and benefits, the electric actuator is a better choice for most people, given its simplicity, size, and lower costs for potential maintenance.

Both actuators are viable options, so base your decision on your needs. If you’re wondering about replacing your hydraulic actuator with an electric option, look for your replacement here at Turbo Turbos and reap the benefits.

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