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Signs You Need to Repair Your Turbo

Signs You Need to Repair Your Turbo

Cars are like puzzles in that every part is essential to ensure the whole machine runs smoothly. Like a puzzle, once one piece goes missing or needs replacing, the car cannot run. This is especially true with turbochargers. Turbos force induce compressed air into the internal combustion chamber to increase the engine’s power output. With that, there some signs you need to repair your turbo to ensure its working efficiently every time.

Slow Acceleration

A slow acceleration or loss of power is one of the most important symptoms of a bad turbo. An unresponsive acceleration or failure to meet maximum speeds are signs that you need to replace your current turbocharger. Similarly, your boost gauge may also indicate a turbo failure. Check this gauge to see any drops or inconsistencies. Once you spot any of these issues, check with a mechanic or consider a replacement.

Too Much Exhaust Smoke

Likewise, your turbo has failed if you see an excessive amount of exhaust smoke. This shows a crack or leak in your turbocharger and exhaust. Look out for blue, grey, or black smoke when your turbo is on. Usually, excessive smoke when you rev the engine shows a faulty turbocharger.

Loud Noises

When in use, your turbocharger should not make any inconsistent noises, such as a loud whining noise. Aggravated noises usually signify a problem. The louder this sound is, the worse the problem will be. Once you hear this noise, get your car inspected as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light Repeats

Finally, while your check engine light does not necessarily indicate a turbocharger problem, it’s still something to consider. The check engine light indicates minor or major engine issues, such as a faulty gas cap, misfire, or problem with the turbocharger. Either way, it’s not something to ignore. Even if the check engine light keeps lighting up because of a faulty wiring issue, check with a mechanic to see if there are more pressing issues—one of which could be your turbocharger.

If you find a genuine issue with your turbocharger, be sure to repair or replace it. Here at TurboPark, we offer our premium turbocharger repair service to ensure optimum functionality with your vehicle. We carry a wide variety of turbo brands, like BorgWarner, Holset, Mitsubishi, Garrett, IHI, and Hyundai Mobis. Check out our choice of OEM (original equipment manufacturer), aftermarket, or replacement turbochargers to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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