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Steps To Take If Your Turbocharger Leaks Into Your Exhaust

Steps To Take If Your Turbocharger Leaks Into Your Exhaust

Mechanical issues are common in cars, and oil leaks are among the most common. If you have a turbo, the device may crack and leak oil into the exhaust intake. Read on for the best steps to fix the issue as it arises and help your vehicle in its damaged state.

Signs of an Oil Leak

Before inspecting your turbo, you'll need to check for signs of a leak. Blue smoke indicates burning oil in the intake pipe and lower bursts as you drive. White, black, or any other color smoke may indicate other problems, such as burning coolant or low air intake to the engine. If the signs of a leaking turbo are present, you may take steps to resolve the situation.

Pull Over and Let the Car Idle

The first action you need to take when you suspect an oil leak in the turbo is to pull the vehicle over as soon as possible. Find a safe location where you can inspect under the hood for as long as needed. Don’t cut the engine off immediately. If the engine stops too suddenly, the turbo will be hot and may cause more oil to burn and hinder your inspection. Let the vehicle idle for about five minutes, then turn it off.

Let the Vehicle Cool Down

After you've turned off the car, you'll need to wait for the engine to cool before inspecting it. Depending on how fast you drive, the engine may take a few more minutes to cool down enough that you may touch it. This is an essential step to ensure safety and prevent you from getting burned if your turbo leaks into your exhaust.

Clean the Oil Around the Turbo

When it’s time to check under the hood after the car cools down, find the leaking oil. You'll need a clean rag to wipe it up—a clean surface makes it easier to find the fracture. Look for abrasions or openings with a flashlight, as a crack could be small enough to miss.

Call a Professional

Once you've found the source of the leak, you must call a professional to ask what to do next. They may recommend towing the car to their nearest location or recommend a repair shop. If you call a turbo dealer such as TurboTurbos, know the part number and turbo brand ready. A BorgWarner turbo dealer can fix a BorgWarner model with the right information, and looking up the model and its specs will be easier.

It's important to take the right steps when working with automotive technology. Follow these steps if your turbo leaks into your exhaust to restore your vehicle and get back on the road in your turbocharged glory!

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