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The History of the Turbocharger

The History of the Turbocharger

For years, vehicle owners have been buying cars with turbochargers or installing these devices to increase their overall speed. But when exactly did this trend start? For details regarding the history of the turbocharger, continue reading below. It’s always interesting to see how a piece of technology started and became what it is now!

Invention of Turbochargers

While one might assume that the legacy of the turbocharger began in cars, it actually didn’t. In 1905, Alfred Büchi, a Swiss engineer, created the turbocharger for use in large diesel engines in ships, airplanes, and marine engines. Büchi knew that the higher a plane’s engine went, the more it choked. His invention of the turbocharger allowed for air compression, which resulted in the engine becoming faster and performing more smoothly.

Beginning of Turbochargers in Vehicles

And 63 years later, the first passenger car, the 1962 Chevrolet Corvair Monza, used a turbocharger. This jump was possible because of advancements that would make an engine more powerful without adding a large amount of weight to the vehicle. Ever since the turbocharger moved to motor vehicles, it has continued to advance and improve with the car industry. With continued demand for speed and advancements in cars, the turbocharger has developed and improved significantly over time.

Turbochargers Today

While turbochargers aren’t present in every vehicle, they are relatively common. While the turbocharger used to create power and a sudden rush of speed, the technology has advanced to the point where it is so smooth that it is compatible with even the most economy-friendly cars. Having a turbocharger allows a smaller engine to provide the same level of speed.

Turbochargers have come a very long way throughout their history. Their invention allowed planes and ships to run smoothly and efficiently all those years ago, and now, in modern times, they allow cars to perform even better than ever. The history of the turbocharger clearly illustrates how far this technology has advanced in only a little over a century.

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