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The Importance of Your Turbo’s Intercooler

The Importance of Your Turbo’s Intercooler

Everybody wants their vehicle to be safe and secure. With that being the desired goal, there are numerous elements and parts throughout a vehicle that ensure this is the case. One of the elements that provides safety is the intercooler for the turbocharger. For a better more well-rounded understanding of the importance of your turbo’s intercooler, read the information provided below.

What Is It?

Intercoolers are heat-exchange devices that are located on the top or in front of the turbocharged engines. What happens is the turbocharger takes pressure from the exhaust where it then creates more power. Unfortunately, with more power comes more heat.

Types of Intercoolers

There are two different types of intercoolers: liquid-to-air and air-to-air. For a liquid-to-air cooler, coolant is moved through the channels and tubes that are attached to the heat exchanger. When air from the turbocharger flows through the fins, it allows for a transfer of heat between the air and the coolant. For an air-to-air intercooler, it relies on airflow from the vehicle’s speed to generate the cooling. In conclusion, the air-to-air cooler is more popular and used more often in vehicles and cars.

Why Is It Important?

Without the intercooler, the heat and high temperatures can be damaging to the engine and the vehicle. Having an intercooler will allow for this to not be the case and will allow for the temperature to decrease. This is a necessity so that the vehicle doesn’t break down and become unsafe.

The importance of your turbo’s intercooler is outlined above. Understanding how important it is to keep the temperatures down in the engine and turbocharger is key. If your turbocharger or intercooler is broken, actions need to be taken to fix this. If you are searching for a turbocharger replacement, you have come to the right place. Here at TurobTurbos we can provide you the assistance and parts that you need to ensure your car is running safely and securely. Visit our website today to purchase the equipment.

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