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Tips on Properly Disassembling a Rusty Turbocharger

Tips on Properly Disassembling a Rusty Turbocharger

Turbochargers benefit vehicles in numerous ways, but they take on damage and accumulate rust after some time. If your vehicle has a rusted turbo, the best option is to take it apart. Following the right steps will make disassembly easy. Learn how to properly disassemble a rusty turbo and make scrapping the parts more manageable.

Clean Excess Dirt and Grime

Rust and grime on a turbo can coat the surface and may make visibility difficult. After removing the turbocharger from your vehicle, clean away the residue by soaking the turbo in vinegar. Wipe the metal with a clean cloth, and wear thick gloves to protect yourself. Visibility is essential to see the screws and bolts that fasten the parts together. Clear away built-up rust, dirt, and grime for better visibility and easier disassembly.

Focus on the Primary Parts

As you disassemble the turbo, focus on the body before breaking down the smaller components. Start by taking apart the turbine and compressor housing. You can use a saw to cut through the housing quickly. You’ll need a spray solution to get between the turbine housing and the heat shield surrounding the turbine.

After removing the wheels from their housing, move on to the wastegate and the actuator. These parts require you to use wrenches and screwdrivers to separate. The cleaning you did before will help you loosen these parts, but you could apply some WD-40 for extra lubrication.

Save Any Parts That Aren’t Rusted

Most of the turbo may have accumulated rust, but some parts are worth keeping and may be useful for future projects. Consider saving these parts and using them for other turbos. You can repair turbos and use refurbished pieces as replacements that fit into OEM turbos. A rusted turbo may have lost most of its value, but the old parts may still serve a purpose so that you don’t need to scrap another turbo.

Taking apart a turbo requires you to follow various steps. Use these tips to properly disassemble a rusty turbo, and move through the process safely for an easy disassembly.

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