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Understanding How a Turbo Wastegate Works

Understanding How a Turbo Wastegate Works

When your vehicle has a turbocharger to increase overall power and speed, it also has a wastegate. The wastegate plays a very important role in allowing the turbocharger to work efficiently. It is important to have a good idea of what a turbocharger is and how it works to make sure that it is working efficiently. If it is not properly working, it can cause many problems for not only the turbocharger itself but for your vehicle. To ensure that everything is working properly and to prepare for the future, continue reading below for a better general understanding of how a turbo wastegate works.

What Is It?

A turbo wastegate essentially acts as a valve that controls the overall flow of the exhaust gas and directs it to the turbine of the turbocharger, which allows for the turbocharger to work and increase overall engine power.

How Does It Work?

The wastegate is a simple valve—the valve operates by a pneumatic or electric actuator. The wastegate will remain shut until the pressure in the compressor exceeds a certain amount, and then when that occurs, the wastegate opens and allows the exhaust gas to pass. This way, it can reduce the pressure inside the turbine housing and the rotating speed of the shaft wheel to match with the engine's request. This will improve overall power and speed.

Are There Different Kinds?

Throughout all turbochargers, there are two different types of wastegates: internal and external. Most turbochargers have internal wastegates that sit within the turbocharger. One would use an external wastegate for high powered engines, such as racing vehicles, that fit to a specific performance. Normally, they can handle an overall higher pressure.

Do You Need To Maintain It?

Not only should you make sure that your wastegate suits your turbocharger, but you also want to ensure that it doesn’t cause damage. As such, you should regularly get a maintenance check to ensure that it is working properly. If this is not working properly, your engine will not be able to work at an optimal speed. If you believe that it isn’t operating correctly, see a mechanic.

How Can You Get One?

Today is your lucky day! Here at TurboTurbos, we have all our turbo parts online. If you need a wastegate because yours isn’t properly working or if you are installing a turbocharger into your car, you are in the right place.

After reading the above material, it is our hope you have a better overall understanding of how a turbo wastegate works. This information will only help you in the long run. Purchase your turbo parts online today!

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