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Ways To Upgrade Your Diesel Engine

Ways To Upgrade Your Diesel Engine

Decide today that you want to upgrade your diesel engine. Making this decision to upgrade your diesel engine and improve your overall performance will be the best thing that you do for your vehicle. For insight on how exactly you can do this, we have provided you with details regarding the different ways to upgrade your diesel engine below. Look over these tips to get an idea of where exactly to start your upgrade and improvement process, as well as on how to get your vehicle where you want it to be. Who knows—before you know it, your vehicle might be running better than ever!

Improve the Vehicle’s Air Intake

One of the main ways to increase the overall performance of any diesel vehicle is to improve the vehicle’s air intake. Installing a new air flow kit into the engine is the best way to go about improving the vehicle’s air intake. What happens is that it will increase the overall air that gets pushed into the engine, which will ultimately create more power for the vehicle overall. This happens because the new kit will draw from the cold air outside of the engine, which is an added bonus. The colder the air, the denser and more oxygen-rich it will be; this alone increases the amount of power that is produced by the engine. Not only does this upgrade improve your vehicle’s engine, but it also helps fuel its economy and boosts horsepower.

Reprogram or Replace ECM

To define the ECEM, it is the Engine Control Module, which controls the engine’s overall performance by changing engine parameters. Some of the parameters that the ECM control includes the RPM and the air-fuel mixture. Replacing and reprogramming this element is a must in your diesel engine upgrade. Not only does reprogramming and resetting this element allow you to set a new foundation for the engine altogether, but it also allows for the overall engine to get the boost of power it needs overall. Making this upgrade decision for your diesel engine is a no-brainer!

Use Diesel Fuel Additives

This is a quick and easy way to regularly upgrade your diesel engine. Adding diesel fuel additives to your fuel when you fill your tank up and when you change your filters will help your engine altogether. There are numerous different types of fuel additives, all depending on what you are looking to specifically enhance. A few of those are listed below:

  • Deposit modifiers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Water Demulsifies
  • Lubricants
  • Freeze Depressants

These are not all of the different fuel additives, however, they are some of the most common ones used to improve diesel engines. Take a look at which ones will be helpful for your vehicle and try them out.

Get New Fuel Injectors

Now, this step really makes a difference in the upgrade! Purchasing and installing new fuel injectors is the next step in this diesel engine upgrade, and it really makes a difference in your engine’s overall condition. Taking this step will allow more fuel to reach the engine. This installation also will allow each injector nozzle to have more pressure to atomize the fuel that it is injecting. To basically sum it up, the engine’s overall performance will increase, as well as its fuel economy. Seems like a win-win situation to us!

Install or Add a Turbocharger

While this step to upgrading your diesel engine might be more expensive, it is a great way to upgrade your engine. Purchasing and installing a turbocharger to the engine will allow for more air to be brought to the engine, while also pressurizing the air that has been brought in. The turbocharger is designed to generate higher power while improving the overall efficiency and speed of the engine.

If your vehicle already has a turbocharger, it might be time for a tune-up or a replacement. Just like any other element of a vehicle, it also needs to be maintained or cared for so that doesn’t break down. The turbocharger itself has numerous complex elements, so you might require a full turbo actuator replacement to make the whole system more smoothly and efficiently. Whatever the case may be, just make sure that that you have a smooth-running turbocharger for your diesel engine if you want it to be in good working condition.

Upgrade Exhaust System

Anytime you are increasing the horsepower of your engine, you are going to need to upgrade your exhaust system. This upgrade is a must for your diesel engine. The type of vehicle you have will depend on the type of exhaust system you are upgrading to, so make sure a professional pairs that for you. There are exhaust systems that are designed to handle the exhaust gas that comes from a turbocharged diesel engine, so that might be the way to go. And even if you don’t end up getting a turbocharger installed as a way to upgrade your diesel engine, a new exhaust system is still a wonderful and efficient way to upgrade your engine.

You will not be disappointed after you see the results of your vehicle upgrade. Following these five points above that outline the different ways to upgrade your diesel engine will make all the difference you are looking for. Whether you just try out one or all of them, they really will make your vehicle feel better than ever!

Here at TurboTurbos, we want your vehicle to be running better than ever as well! That is why we sell exactly what you need. Not only do we have used and new turbochargers for sale that you can have installed to help improve your diesel engine, but we also have all the elements available that make up the turbocharger. Visit our website today if you are wondering whether we have the product you seek or just want to take a quick glance at our inventory. We also have numerous professionals you can call and speak to who are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need.

Ways To Upgrade Your Diesel Engine

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