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What Are the Benefits of a Water-Cooled Turbocharger?

What Are the Benefits of a Water-Cooled Turbocharger?

Like any engine component, turbos need a form of cooling to prevent them from overheating. Air and oil that flows through them cools some turbochargers, but others need water-cooling to function. What are the benefits of a water-cooled turbocharger?

Some drivers question the need for the extra water lines they need and wonder why they’re necessary. Learn how water cooling improves the durability of the turbocharge to lengthen its lifespan.

Benefits of a Water-Cooled Turbocharger

The main benefit of water cooling happens after the engine is off. Why? Heat in the turbine housing and manifold seeps back into the center of the turbo. Without water cooling, the extreme heat generated by the turbine itself can actually destroy it by damaging the bearing system and the oil seal on the piston ring.

What Kind of Damage Occurs?

Insufficient cooling will damage the entire bearing system and the oil seals of the piston ring. But what does this mean? When the oil overheats, it oxidizes and creates a residue that looks like a cakey black soot. This residue hampers the ability of the piston rings to move. The oil seals aren’t rubber but are steel rings that move within grooves of the turboshaft. When they don’t fit properly, the turbo will eventually lose the ability to function due to irreversible damage called ring collapse.

How To Install a Water-Cooled Turbo

Proper installation of the water lines can prevent this damage and isn’t as complex as it might sound. You or a mechanic can plumb the turbo water lines into the engine’s cooling system. Engine coolant isn’t a problem for water-cooled turbochargers from Garrett or Cummins.

Find a Water-Cooled Turbocharger

The benefits of a water-cooled turbocharger will improve the durability of your turbo and give your engine the boost it needs. Do you have questions about finding the right water-cooled turbo? Contact us at Turbo Turbos for help in finding the right Garrett or Cummins turbo parts.

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