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What Is a Variable Geometry Turbocharger?

What Is a Variable Geometry Turbocharger?

Getting the boost you desire requires additional help from an outside source. If you’ve considered installing a turbocharger into your engine, it’s vital to consider the kind of turbocharger your engine will accept. If you drive a diesel engine vehicle, the variable geometry turbocharger is for you. So, what is a variable geometry turbocharger? Additionally, how do they work, and what kind of vehicle accepts them? Let's look and see what makes the variable geometry turbocharger so interesting.

What Is It?

So, what is a variable geometry turbocharger? The purpose of a variable geometry turbocharger is to maximize the amount of pressure you have across your rev range. It is the next generation of turbocharger technology, using variable vanes to control exhaust flow against the turbine blades. They are often used in diesel engines since lower exhaust temperatures result in fewer failures.

It has a wide, flat torque curve and practical turbocharging abilities at wide RPM ranges. Additionally, the turbocharger has a low lag, a low boost threshold, and a smooth torque band—requiring just a single turbo and making it more compact.

How Does It Work?

The variable geometry turbocharger, as previously mentioned, helps create more boosts of exhaust gas across the entire rev range. During low boost operations, the variable geometry turbocharger—known as a variable turbine geometry turbocharger or the variable nozzle turbine—has small movable vanes that direct exhaust flows into turbine blades.

An actuator adjusts the angles of the vanes. As a result, vane angle affects the engine RPM range and optimizes turbine behavior. As the path increases for the turbine, it allows for greater flow and increases the boost at a higher RPM.

What Cars Accept it?

There are a considerable number of diesel-powered vehicles that use variable geometry turbochargers. For example, the Porsche 718 models and the Suzuki Swift Sport carry turbochargers. If you want to get your hands on a preinstalled VGT, you’re in luck.

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