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Which BorgWarner Turbocharger Is Right for Your Truck?

Which BorgWarner Turbocharger Is Right for Your Truck?

You want to get the most out of your vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency, power, longevity, and reliability. So, you do everything to make sure your car gets you to and from places without needing constant visits to the auto shop. As a result, many car owners rely on modifications and customizations to get the most out of their vehicles. That’s where turbochargers come in; they help not only help reach optimal speeds but also come with numerous benefits.

However, some car owners steer away from coupes and sedans, opting for bigger and stronger vehicles like trucks. Trucks fit in nearly every demographic, from the industrial workers who need some serious hauling to the family of five ready to go on a camping trip. But which BorgWarner turbocharger is right for your truck, and does it work for your lifestyle? Let’s take a look and see why turbochargers can benefit your vehicle.

Why Add a Turbo to a Truck?

Turbochargers have an extensive history in the automotive market. They came to be in the late 19th century, thanks to the work of Rudolf Diesel and Gottlieb Daimler as they tinkered with forced induction. As a result, Swiss Mechanical Engineer Alfred Buchi filed the first patent for a practical turbocharger, eventually leading to the first mass-produced turbochargers from General Electric in the early 1900s. GM, Ford, and Dodge then produced heavy-duty turbocharged pickup trucks in the late 1980s and early 1900s.

Turbochargers work tremendously for trucks, increasing horsepower and torque levels for diesel engines. Diesel engines have direct injection, meaning that the combustion process begins when fuel injects into the engine. Instead of fuel and air mixing and creating a spark plug, diesel interacts with air and ignites through pressure and heat. Diesel engines can operate in various air to fuel ratios, making them air-fuel independent and remarkable for turbocharging.

Understanding the Types of Turbos

Before installation, understanding which BorgWarner turbocharger is right for your truck is essential. You need to find which one suits your diesel engine and will help you get the most out of your car. Depending on the make and model of your truck, you need the appropriate turbocharger that won’t bring harm to your diesel engine. Additionally, it’s necessary to understand different turbochargers to know which one will fit the size and specifics required for your engine.

Single Turbo

Simply put, single turbochargers are the standard for vehicles. Single turbos come in various sizes; large turbochargers provide higher levels of top-end power, while smaller turbos provide better low-end power with faster spooling. Additionally, they remain cost-effective for increasing engine power and efficiency. Lastly, they work best with narrow RPM ranges, but drivers often experience “turbo-lag” until the turbo operates within peak rev bands.

Twin Turbo

Compared to a single turbocharger, a twin-turbo adds an additional turbocharger to the engine. For V6 or V8 engines, a single turbo works with each cylinder bank; smaller turbos often cooperate with lower RPMs, while larger turbos work with higher RPMs.

In the case of twin turbochargers, also known as twin sequential turbocharging, it allows for a broader range of RPM operations. Additionally, it allows for better torque at lower revs, thus reducing turbo lag and giving power at higher RPMs. However, it’s essential to know that having two turbos increases costs and complexity.

Twin-Scroll Turbo

On the other hand, twin-scroll turbos require a divided-inlet turbine housing and exhaust manifold, pairing correct cylinders with each scroll independently. It addresses many shortcomings of a single-scroll turbo system by separating the cylinders whose exhaust gas pulses interfere with one another.

As a result, twin-scroll turbos deliver better pressure distribution in the exhaust ports, resulting in better delivery of exhaust gas energy into the turbocharger’s turbine. It creates a more significant valve overlap, delivering an improved quality of air charges into each cylinder. Denser and purer air charging means more potent combustion and power.

Variable Geometry Turbo

Also known as a VGT, variable geometry turbochargers include a ring of aerodynamically-shaped vanes in the turbine housing. In passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, the vanes in the turbine rotate to vary gas swirl angles and cross-sectional areas. They alter the turbos areas to the radius, also known as the A/R ratio, to match the engine’s RPM, ensuring peak performance.

At lower RPMs, a lower A/R ratio allows the turbo to spool up through increased exhaust gas velocity quickly. At higher revs, the A/R ratio increase, thereby permitting increased airflow. As a result, low boost thresholds reduce turbo lag, producing a smooth and wide torque band. They work well for diesel engines due to lower exhaust gas temperatures.

Variable Twin Scroll Turbo

Also known as a VTS, the variable twin-scroll turbocharger combines the perks of a variable geometry turbo and a twin-scroll turbo, using a valve that can redirect the exhaust airflow to a single scroll. Additionally, it can vary the degree the valve opens to allow for the exhaust gases to split amongst both scrolls. The VTS came to be through the desire to provide a cheaper and more robust alternative to a variable geometry turbocharger, making it an excellent option for diesel engines.

Which BorgWarner Turbos Work for Trucks

Luckily, BorgWarner provides various turbochargers for diesel trucks. They have a Wastegate Diesel, which offers dedicated thermodynamics and materials and high-efficient turbine and compressor stages. It is also proven to work in reliable designs, as it provides reliable and cost-efficient boosting technology with flexibility, robustness, and low weight for compact packaging. Lastly, it reduces fuel consumption and emissions for your diesel engine.

You can also go with BorgWarner’s VTG diesel turbocharger, a CFD-optimized and patented vane design. It comes with electrically actuated vanes, high-efficient compressor turbine stages, and low-pressure EGR capability. Some benefits include quick responses at low engine speeds, a rapid rise in boost pressure, and a ball-bearing option. BorgWarner is a name-stay in innovative boosting technology, making it a competent partner to the automotive industry on a global scale.

Making sure that your truck runs optimally requires a high-quality turbo. We at TurboTurbos strive to make your vehicles run at their absolute best. If you’re looking to upgrade your truck’s performance, we will happily provide the parts you need for a durable and reliable turbocharger as a reliable BorgWarner turbo dealer. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your turbocharger, please reach out to us today, and we’ll gladly take care of you.

Which BorgWarner Turbocharger Is Right for Your Truck?

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