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Why You Should Consider Adding a Turbo to Your ATV

Why You Should Consider Adding a Turbo to Your ATV

Driving over rough terrain is possible with the maneuverability of an ATV. Installing a turbo into the engine can enhance the experience of riding one of these vehicles. Read on to learn why you should add a turbo to your ATV and how the addition will change the way you ride.

Increased Gas Mileage

While ATVs can travel moderate and long distances, an increased fuel economy can lessen your worries about running out of fuel midway through your ride. Add a turbo to help your ATV last longer by using the exhaust for better fuel ignition.

The improved ignition will help you conserve fuel by using less gasoline and more air. A Garret turbo can significantly improve fuel efficiency for your ATV. Install Garret turbo parts that will last many years with optimal performance and prevent wasted fuel from old turbo parts.

Enhanced Performance

A well-functioning ATV can move across challenging terrain easily and quickly. The addition of a turbo will improve your ATV’s performance. Install a turbo for more speed and power.

Your engine will have more power from the reused exhaust to create bursts of speed and increase horsepower. This enhanced performance is helpful in environments with uphill slopes or when racing on natural trails. 

Less Maintenance

You'll inevitably stress your ATV’s engine when driving at high speeds for long distances. Turbochargers will help you keep your engine in good shape by creating a burst that doesn’t rattle the components. Ignitions in the engine can cause shaking and vibrations that, when powerful enough, may damage the ATV.

This shaking, combined with the occasional jolts from riding on the trails or open fields, may damage the engine. Fortunately, the increased air in the combustion chamber will lessen the shock of the ignition and help the engine last longer before needing repairs. You'll also notice the engine is quieter with a turbo because of the quiet bursts in the chamber. A turbocharged engine won’t disrupt nature so much when riding your ATV.

Improving the Engine and Maintaining Its Weight

Weight is an important factor for your vehicle, and less weight is always a welcomed improvement. Less weight will help the ATV move faster, and you can gain more airtime after reaching the apex of a hill or jump. Consider adding a lightweight turbocharger to your ATV for improved performance on the trails.

A turbocharger offers increased performance, better gas mileage, and less maintenance needs. You'll move faster without the excess weight from the addition and have an easier time driving along unpaved trails.

ATVs are great vehicles for transportation and fun, and a turbocharger will only improve your experience. Consider these benefits when you want to upgrade your ATV, and find some of the best turbos and turbo parts at TurboTurbo.

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