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Will Your Electric Actuator Work for EVs?

Will Your Electric Actuator Work for EVs?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more popular now than ever, but they don’t use the same parts as gas or diesel-powered vehicles. The fact that EVs don't use turbos might make you wonder if an electronic actuator can benefit them. We'll dive into the workings of an EV and how an electric actuator may fit.

Do EVs Use Actuators?

You'll find actuators in numerous machines, small and large. EVs can use actuators if they have a planetary gearbox, which typically works well for automatic transmission vehicles. An electric vehicle has a single gear with this transmission, and the planetary gearbox ensures the power distribution to gears so they don't break.

The actuator converts the electrical signals into motion for the gears. Although these mechanical pieces are small, they play an important role in ensuring the gearbox functions properly.

The Benefits of an Electric Actuator in an EV

Since electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than combustion engine vehicles, an electric actuator is also beneficial. The improved accuracy of an electric actuator makes it a great option that can handle complex motions at high speeds. An electric actuator in an EV can save you money since it requires little maintenance and improves the vehicle’s “fuel” economy.

Will EVs Take Electric Actuators From Turbos?

EVs will take electric actuators because they already use them. The actuator converts the EV system's electric signals into the motion that moves the gears in the gearbox.

Electronic actuators work for EVs since both run on electric motors. However, understand that the design of the electric actuator for a turbo is different from the planetary gearbox of an EV. Although the car's function will allow an electric actuator to fit, it may not be from a turbocharger. If you have an electronic turbocharger actuator, it will work in an EV if you adjust its design for the gearbox or an area of the vehicle that needs lateral movement.

An electric actuator is great for automotive use, but transplanting one from a turbo into an EV is a complex process. The actuator could work in another part of the vehicle where lateral movements are needed, but it would take some modification. In the meantime, keep your actuator in case you need it for another turbo or a future EV; this component is valuable regardless of its use.

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