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10 Reasons You Should Install Turbochargers

10 Reasons You Should Install Turbochargers

Automotive innovation has led to the invention of many unique tools that help us on the road. One of those inventions is the turbocharger, which helps your engine achieve speeds it couldn’t on its own. That said, using these great devices will benefit your vehicle in a variety of ways beyond your capacity for speed—read on to learn more.

Improved Power

Power is important for every vehicle; you must have the energy to draw from when driving at different speeds. The turbocharger assists with the power in the car. It pumps more air into the combustion chamber to increase the strength of the chemical reaction, causing your vehicle to propel forward at a faster rate. Choosing to install a turbocharger in your vehicle adds a minimum of 70 mph to your engine. Turbo engines are great for people who want to move faster in certain areas, such as long stretches of the open road or higher-speed freeway areas.

Better Fuel Efficiency

The combustion chamber in an engine uses compressed air and fuel, such as gasoline or diesel, to create an explosion that causes other parts of the engine to move. When you have more air in the combustion chamber, it creates a more qualitative explosion that consumes more fuel. While most combustion engines would leave exhaust behind after the combustion, the excess air makes for less exhaust. The turbocharger will help you create better fuel efficiency as you won’t leave any fuel unused.

Great Sound Quality

Many people who install a turbocharger into their engine will note that their vehicle sounds quieter. Cars with turbo engines make less noise and have a smoother sound, similar to a purr. The vehicle sounds better because of the car’s lack of exhaust. The exhaust system in combustion engines creates noise due to the excess exhaust that flows through and out of the car, which produces a slight clattering sound. A turbo engine produces less of this exhaust, and any that flows into the turbo moves the turbine. This process will, in turn, help the turbo produce more compressed air for faster speeds.

Allows More Strength From Smaller Engines

Some vehicles use smaller engines due to their size. Installing a turbocharger helps smaller engines perform as well as medium or large-sized engines. With the improvement to power and fuel economy that the turbo adds, no one will tell the difference between a car with a small engine and a larger one. Turbochargers can fit into any vehicle, and there are plenty of companies with pieces such as Garrett turbo parts that will increase the performance of small engines.

Improved Torque

The RPM of a car’s wheels is important to consider if you want your vehicle to move faster. Many factors on the road may decrease RPM, and driving uphill is one of the most common things limiting your RPM. A car will experience drag as it struggles to climb up the hill. But if your vehicle has a turbocharger, you will have a faster RPM due to the more efficient fuel usage. Every drop of energy goes toward the movement of the wheels, and your RPM will remain consistent in scenarios that would otherwise slow the vehicle down.

A Slightly Greener Option

Exhaust is a common factor in carbon dioxide emissions, which increase the effects of greenhouse gases on the surface of our planet. Using a turbo will help cut these emissions created by exhaust by reducing the exhaust left over from the combustion process. With less exhaust flowing out of the exhaust pipe, your vehicle will become a greener option as you enjoy the ride.

Assists Any Engine

Turbos are versatile devices that can help any engine, whether gasoline or diesel. Since both of these engine types use a combustion chamber to power the vehicle, a turbocharger will be an effective tool for improving their ability to combust fuel. These devices work for multiple machines, such as railed vehicles like a train, watercraft like boats, and aircraft like planes, alongside their use in automotive vehicles. With this versatility, a turbocharger will improve the performance of almost anyone’s car, regardless of the size.

Leaves Room for a Lighter Engine

Installing a lighter engine is a great way to help a vehicle move faster. Many vehicle components are heavy and weigh the vehicle down, causing a speed reduction. Swapping your engine for a smaller, more lightweight one and adding a turbocharger to it will create a natural boost in speed due to the decrease in weight. The lighter engine will also help alleviate other parts of the vehicle that may experience the force of the standard engine’s weight.

Improved Finances

Better fuel efficiency means there is less need to constantly buy gasoline or diesel for your car. The turbocharger powers vehicles with more horsepower by utilizing fuel more efficiently than an engine that doesn’t have a turbo. Better fuel usage will create more power and allow your vehicle to move faster for longer distances.

This means that you’ll have the opportunity to save the money that constantly goes toward gas. You’ll also benefit from having a car that can perform for longer periods between gas station visits.

Less Work for Your Engine, Which Keeps It Maintained

Your turbo creates cleaner combustion that recycles the exhaust to keep the engine power high for longer periods. This system will benefit the engine by ensuring it requires less work to reach your desired speeds. When your engine puts in less work, it will have a longer life expectancy and make maintenance easier, as the turbocharger will do most of the work.

Using a turbocharger will lead to a better time on the road with improved fuel efficiency. Many of the highest-performing vehicles utilize turbochargers and rely on this unique part’s vast array of benefits. If you’re looking to gain the same advantages for your vehicle, consider adding a turbocharger to your engine. Contact us today to learn more about how a turbo can immediately enhance your driving experience.

10 Reasons You Should Install Turbochargers

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