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Where To Find Your Turbocharger's Serial Number

Where To Find Your Turbocharger's Serial Number

A turbocharger needs to have all the essential elements of its makeup. If the actuator or turbine is out of place, the whole device will not function as it should. The serial number is also an essential part of every turbocharger, and mechanics and customers need to be able to locate that number on the turbo.

What Is the Serial Number on a Turbocharger?

A serial number is a form of identification that differentiates the same or similar products. The serial number will have numerous digits showing how many of that product was produced. The serial number on a turbocharger is essential for companies and specialists to understand more about the turbo. Each turbocharger has a different serial number to tell it the date it was manufactured and helps companies keep track of inventory in case a turbo is lost or stolen. Finding the serial number on a turbo is essential for the production and finding out if any parts of the turbo need replacement or if a particular range has been recalled.

Differentiating Between the Numbers on a Turbo

Besides the serial number, there are two other numbers on the turbo: the part number and model number. Both numbers are other forms of identification for the turbo and have different meanings. The model number is the generalized identifier for that product, while the part number is the unique identification of that model.

Think of the model number as a row of turbos, all the same shape and size, but all of them with different colors; the turbos are of the same model, but the color makes them unique, like the part number. The part number is essential to ensure you use the correct turbo replacement parts. Serial numbers give more specifications given their unique code, but the part number also helps in the identification process.

Where Will I Find the Serial Number for a Turbo?

The serial number of a turbo is found on the compressor housing. The number is either stamped or etched into the metal. There may be other numbers close to the serial number, but it is the last one listed.

It's essential to know the serial number's location. Refer to this number when you need help finding or repairing a specific turbo to save yourself time.

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