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Common Types of Turbocharger Turbine Shaft Seals

Common Types of Turbocharger Turbine Shaft Seals

Car maintenance is a must so your car can run correctly. A punctured tire here, a chipped window there—it can all add up, and taking care of it all is part of being a vehicle owner.

But what about turbochargers? Understanding your turbocharger and its inclusion in car maintenance is very important. So, here are some common types of turbocharger turbine shaft seals to know about.

What Is a Turbocharger?

In basic terms, turbochargers consist of a compressor wheel and exhaust gas turbine wheel coupled together. Using a solid shaft boosts the intake of air pressure of an internal combustion engine.

By using a forced induction system, the advantage of compressed air lets the engine squeeze about fifty percent more air into each cylinder, thus increasing engine speeds.

The Use of Turbine Shaft Seals

Now that you know what a turbocharger is, it's essential to understand turbine shaft seals and their purpose. The center housing of the turbine must be sealed to prevent oil leakage and gas escape.

Seals get installed in the groove on the rotor shaft on the compressor and turbine sides of the turbocharger. Rather than rotating, they become firmly clamped in the center housing. This contactless functionality prevents oil leakages and ensures small quantities of exhaust gas escape.

Types of Turbine Shaft Seals

Before you choose one, it’s vital to know the common types of turbocharger turbine shaft seals that have the most efficiency and longevity.

Single Gap Steel Piston Ring

These are also known as the SBC piston rings. They’re set with precision to apply the correct pressure in the cylinder walls. They ensure a consistent oil film and lubrication across the cylinder work surface while protecting against wear.

Gapless Piston Ring

The purpose of gapless piston rings' design is to increase performance by seal improvement in each cylinder. Similar to how single-gap piston rings work, they’re efficient in preventing combustion gasses from escaping into the crank house of the turbocharger.

If you need access to a new turbocharger for sale or seek a replacement, visit us at Turbo Turbos. We offer different makes of turbochargers for a variety of car models. If you have any questions, ask us today, and we can get you started.

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