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Why You Should Always Keep a Turbo Repair Kit on Hand

Why You Should Always Keep a Turbo Repair Kit on Hand

When turbochargers are installed and functioning properly, they give your vehicle lots of advantages. Turbochargers are essentially air pumps; they provide a hefty dose of oxygen to your engine, which improves the combustion process. As a result, your engine thrives with more power, more torque, and cleaner emissions. All in all, turbochargers dramatically improve your vehicle’s performance.

However, if your turbocharger malfunction or fail completely, your vehicle could sustain significant damage. There are many reasons why a turbocharger stop working, whether it’s from prolonged idling to carbon buildup. They could also fail when you’re on the road, which is why turbo repair kits are a must-have. You should always keep a turbo repair kit on hand because you’ll be able to perform quick repairs at a moment’s notice. There are also a variety of other circumstances solved by turbo repair kits, which we will dive into below.

What Is a Turbo Repair Kit?

Before we explore circumstances that require quick repairs, let’s define turbo repair kits. These kits— particularly kits from reliable vendors such as TurboTurbos—are available in both minor and major options. Minor repair kits include the bare necessities you need to make small repairs to your turbocharger. Major repair kits have everything you need to complete a full repair on your turbocharger.

Reasons To Keep a Turbo Repair Kit on Hand


When a turbocharger fails, the pieces and engine oil enter the intercooler and can even get into the engine. You can prevent situations such as these, or address sudden issues the moment they occur when you always keep a turbo repair kit on hand.

Some of the most common issues vehicle owners experience with their turbocharger are easily fixed with a turbo repair kit. These issues include:

  • Blocked or leaking pipes
  • Deteriorating fittings
  • Contamination
  • Prolonged engine idling
  • Hard acceleration with a cold engine
  • Hot engine shutdown

Whether you invest in a minor or major turbo repair kit, these products are a lifesaver during turbocharger-related emergencies. When you always carry one with you, you’ll have the equipment you need to keep your vehicle running safely.

If you don’t have a turbocharger but are considering installing one in your vehicle, TurboTurbos has an excellent assortment of turbochargers for sale. Turbo repair kits are also available for purchase.

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