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Exciting New Automotive Turbocharger Trends

Exciting New Automotive Turbocharger Trends

Turbochargers have been around almost as long as cars. Roughly 20 years after the modern car was invented, Alfred Büchi created the first working prototype of what would eventually be known as the turbocharger.

Ever since their inception, turbochargers have continued to change in terms of popularity, technology, and efficiency. Today's turbochargers are incredibly popular, well-designed, powerful, and efficient. But what does the future of turbochargers have in store? If you're curious about what turbos might look like in the coming years, here are some exciting new automotive turbocharger trends that have great potential to rock the automotive world.

Taking the World by Storm

There was once a time where turbochargers had a bad rep. The earliest turbochargers experienced their fair share of struggles—many vehicle owners disliked the way they worked and were worried that installing a turbocharger would risk their warranty. But times have changed, and turbochargers are now more popular than ever.

In 2001, only 1% of cars produced came fresh out of the factory with a turbocharger. By 2019, over one-third of light-duty cars came pre-equipped with a turbocharger. It's predicted that turbochargers will come pre-equipped in 70% of newly manufactured vehicles within the next few years. Turbochargers aren't just on the rise in America, either—they've also taken countries such as China and India by storm.

The Rise of E-Turbos

The next exciting new automotive turbocharger trend is e-turbos. You might have heard about electric turbochargers before. They're not some kind of future, prospective technology—they're a tangible thing, and production of them for mass market passenger vehicles is set to ramp up in 2021.

These electric variations are designed to eliminate some of the chief complaints of existing turbos, which include turbo lag, the imposing size (since newer vehicles are being produced with increasingly smaller and smaller engines,) and a desire for more power and efficiency. E-turbos should reduce or eliminate turbo lag and provide improvements to performance, temperature, responsiveness, fuel efficiency, NOx emissions, and more.

What the Future Holds

Better technology allows us to explore new avenues for improvement. In many ways, the future of turbochargers is a mystery—in the coming days, weeks, months, or years, there could be a stunning new revelation that turns the entire course of turbocharger production on its head. However, there's one aspect about the future that's practically guaranteed. As technology continues to evolve, turbochargers will follow suit.

The turbocharger industry is booming as manufacturers recognize the need for improved fuel efficiency and performance in their vehicles, both qualities that turbochargers provide. There are more people researching and working on improving turbocharger technology than ever before, lending to a brighter looking future for all things turbo related.

If you don't want to wait on brand-new technology, there are quicker ways to boost the efficiency of your turbocharger. Turbo Turbo carries turbo compressor wheels and other performance-boosting parts for your turbocharger. No matter what you're looking for, you can count on us to provide it!

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