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How To Find Your Turbocharger Part Number

How To Find Your Turbocharger Part Number

Rebuilding a turbocharger is serious business, and ordering a part for a turbocharger is not easy. You have to know what the piece is and how to identify it. However, when you go to look at many different types of turbochargers, you’ll see several different sets of numbers. Do you know how to find your turbocharger part number on your particular model? Read this quick guide covering the most common turbos.

Garrett / Honeywell

Garrett Honeywell turbo part numbers are etched into a plate in a small rectangular machined area on the aluminum compressor housing. Typically, it’s a 6-digit number (xxxxxx) followed by a dash (—) then 4 numbers. Later versions will also see a suffix followed by the last 4 digits (xxxS). Parts numbers will usually start with 4, 7, or 8, and there are other numbers on the plate representing the vehicle manufacturer or original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Numbers that you may see on the turbo frame represent the type of turbo, not the turbo part number.


MHI turbo part numbers will consist of 10 digits separated by a dash (xxxxx-xxxxx). Most part numbers generally start with 4. The turbo part number can be found etched into the compressor housing of the turbocharger. Other numbers will be visible on the ID plates; these are part numbers from the vehicle manufacturer and build serial numbers.


IHI turbo part numbers are usually engraved or stamped into a rectangular ID pad on the turbo compressor housing. This is similar to Garrett, as it’s usually a 4-digit alphanumeric number (VF50). IHI generally uses the second digit to identify a vehicle or engine manufacturer. The other numbers on the ID plate will include the vehicle manufacturer/OEM part numbers and build serial numbers.


BorgWarner/KKK part numbers will be stamped onto a plate located on the compressor housing of the turbocharger and usually consist of an 11-digit part number (5xxx-9xx-6xxx). The first 4 numbers will indicate the turbo frame type. The second set of digits will usually be 970 or 988. The last 4 digits are critical when trying to identify the turbocharger.

Now that you know how to find your turbocharger part number, you will want to have these numbers written on a piece of paper to answer any questions about your parts when you call. Our inventory consists of a variety of OEM turbochargers for sale as well as remanufactured, replacement turbochargers. Get your parts quickly with free domestic shipping in the continental United States.

Contact our team of turbo specialists today if you have any questions about our product offerings or don’t see the items you are looking for.

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