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How Often Should You Replace Your Turbocharger?

How Often Should You Replace Your Turbocharger?

When you buy a car, you want to do everything to ensure it runs well and has as few issues as possible. So you put in the elbow grease to have high-quality parts, aftermarket modifications, and top-grade maintenance. This goes the same way for turbochargers.

The purpose of a turbocharger is to compress more air, packing oxygen molecules closely together and adding more fuel to the engine. As a result, it gives a vehicle more power and torque. However, when your turbocharger is starting to show signs of wear and lacking performance, it’s time to consider a replacement. But how often should you replace your turbocharger? Let’s find out.

Turbocharger Replacement Period

Turbochargers offer numerous benefits to a car engine, such as enhanced fuel efficiency and performance. However, not everything lasts forever, so replacement is inevitable. But how often should you replace your turbocharger? Ideally, your turbocharger should last roughly the same time as your vehicle.

Specifically, most turbochargers need replacement between 100,000 to 150,000 miles. If you stay on top of car maintenance and scheduled oil changes, your turbocharger can potentially last beyond that. However, if you hear or see signs of wear or reduced performance, keep a close eye on whether it needs maintenance or replacement.

Signs of Replacement

There are a few different ways to identify whether it’s time for a turbo replacement. One of the first signs is slow acceleration. Because turbochargers should produce more power, a broken or failing turbo doesn’t perform as well, affecting your acceleration.

Another sign is an activated check engine light. While it can mean many things, you should have the vehicle ECU scanned for fault codes. Some fault codes reflect the turbo quality, so checking the codes will help. Other signs include loud noises under the hood and thick smoke escaping from the exhaust.

Finding the Right Turbocharger

Once it’s time for a turbo replacement, you must find one that works with your car’s specific engine makeup. At TurboTurbos, we offer new turbos for sale on our online catalog to replace your worn-out ones. We provide high-quality turbos and experienced staff to help you find what you’re looking for. If you have any inquiries about our products, reach out to us today.

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