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Things To Consider Before Upgrading Your Turbocharger

Things To Consider Before Upgrading Your Turbocharger

When you install a turbocharger, it provides elevated levels of power and torque. You don’t have to make any necessary internal modifications, as it does all the work for you. They push air to spin the compressor blade, forcing more air into the engine, thus using more fuel to increase horsepower.

However, there are a few things to consider when upgrading your turbocharger.

Engine Coatings

Engine coatings are an excellent idea when you want to upgrade your turbocharger. You coat the piston tops, insides of your intake and exhaust ports, and combustion chamber roofs with a ceramic powder coat for excellent heat control.

Afterward, coat the piston skirts and bearing surfaces with Teflon, then cover the connecting roads, crankshaft counterweights, piston undersides, and the inside of your engine block with oil-shedding compounds. This will keep the oil from sticking.

High Octane Fuel

When you upgrade your turbocharger, choose to fill up your ride with high octane fuel. Avoid going with cheap, low-quality solutions and stick with a high-quality grade.

High-quality octane fuel will help you stave off engine detonation. As a result, it will allow the turbocharger to run more safely with bigger boosts of power.

Avoiding Pre-Ignition

Pre-ignition can occur quickly if you aren’t careful. Without careful observation, the heat and pressure buildup of your car’s engine can result in the ignition from rogue sparks.

Pre-ignition causes temperature and pressure buildups, which slows the rate of air moving throughout the engine, the amount of air moving, and the power created. Speak to a professional mechanic regarding tuning and modifications to avoid blowing a piston or head gasket.

Compression Ratios

Compression ratios are the amount of fuel or air compressed by the car’s pistons right before ignition. When too much compression occurs from air or fuel, it can cause detonation, which can be detrimental to your engine. So, when you increase your boost, ensure that you adjust or drop the compression, as the cylinder pressure will regulate.

Head Sealings

Strong pistons alone won’t do well if high pressure blows the seals between blocks and the cylinder head. Instead, install multi-layer, turbo-specific steel head gaskets that provide integral reinforcing rings around the boreholes. Ensure that you use quality chrome-moly studs instead of standard replacements, as they’ll withstand stretching and head lifting.

When you need replacement parts for your turbocharger, TurboTurbos has the solution. We provide Borg Warner turbo parts for everyday repairs and maintenance to keep your turbo running strong. If you have any inquiries about us or our products, reach out to us today.

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