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The Benefits of Installing a Turbocharger

The Benefits of Installing a Turbocharger

When someone thinks of the word “turbo,” they immediately think of power, speed, and sports cars. However, while turbochargers are commonly known to make cars go significantly faster, there are also plenty of other advantages of installing one in a vehicle. So, what makes a turbocharger efficient, and what exactly are they?

Simply put, a turbocharger is a device specifically fitted to a vehicle’s engine, meant to increase engine performance and overall efficiency. As a result, many auto manufacturers choose to place turbochargers in their vehicle models. So, here are some of the benefits of installing a turbocharger and why it may work for you.

How a Turbocharger Works

Before jumping into knowing the benefits of turbochargers, it’s vital to understand how they work. Essentially, the turbo comprises of two joint halves held together by a shaft. Hot exhaust gases cause a spinning sensation to the turbine on one side of the turbocharger. The other turbine then sucks in the air during the spinning and compresses it deeply into the engine.

As this compression occurs, it gives the engine added power and efficiency. The more air that goes into the combustion chamber, the more fuel can add additional energy. It’s a simple process that causes a significant boost of power to any engine for a thrilling drive.

Can Any Car Take Turbochargers?

So, can you add a turbocharger to any car? In short, yes, you can. However, the long answer is more complicated. Any vehicle can become turbocharged, but it doesn’t mean that every car is suitable for it. For example, if you have a thick engine that contains plenty of metal between the outer wall and the combustion chamber, turbochargers work well due to increased combustion.

However, engines with thin walls are often less suitable, as increased pressure can cause catastrophic failure. So, it’s better suited for engines that are already beefier and able to handle intense pressure. As a result, it’s better not to use a turbocharger if your engine has softer metal and thinner walls.

Benefits of Turbochargers

So, what are some of the benefits of installing a turbocharger in your car? Luckily, there are many positives to adding a turbocharger, such as reduced noise pollution and emissions. So, let’s quickly go over the benefits and see which ones stick out to you.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption comes down to comparing an engine both with and without a turbocharger. While both engines may use the same amount of power, the engine with the turbocharger will use less fuel. It comes down to a simple answer because the engine is significantly smaller. How is this possible?

An example is comparing two engines that use the same horsepower; the turbocharger can achieve the same horsepower with a 4-cylinder engine compared to a 6-cylinder engine without one. As a result, turbocharged engines can save roughly 20-40% more fuel than a standard engine.

Reduced Noise Pollution

While revving your engine can feel fun, it can increase noise pollution. Noise pollution is known for causing health problems for both people and wildlife. It can range from simple things from local concerts to traffic noise, which is inescapable sounds that can lead to hearing loss, high blood pressure, and stress. Unfortunately, loud revving and car engines are no exception to causing noise pollution.

However, installing a turbocharger produces less noise without sacrificing power. It acts as a silencer for your engine, muffling any excessive noise that’s being generated.

Size and Weight

Because turbochargers require a smaller-sized engine and fewer cylinders, they’re very convenient add-ons for your vehicle. If your car has a smaller-sized engine, it’ll make the perfect pair for your vehicle.

Meanwhile, regular engines must remain bigger and heavier to achieve maximum power on the road. As a result, turbochargers will help smaller engines accomplish the desired power the driver wishes to have.

Reduced Emissions

Driving a car everywhere can significantly impact carbon emissions in the environment. As a result, many drivers switched to hybrid and electric cars to help bring down their contribution to pollution. However, installing a turbocharger on your engine can decrease the number of emissions you produce.

It does so through combustion efficiency the engine and turbocharger achieve together when combined. When the engine burns diesel, the turbocharger then increases the amount of energy that diesel produces. This results in reducing emissions by converting the more significant percentage of diesel fuel into carbon dioxide or water. This is a substantial contribution to reducing toxic emissions versus water vapor.

High-Altitude Features

When you drive your car, the engine itself requires significant air pressure to burn its fuel and generate enough power to move. However, at higher altitudes, there is substantially lower air pressure. As a result, this causes an engine to lose momentum and have less power to move.

However, when you install a turbocharger, the performance and power generated from it improve impressively. It is due to the pressure between the air pressure ahead of the turbocharger and the lower pressure at the exhaust. From there, the turbocharger increases the air density entering the engine, thus resulting in more generated power.

Minor Disadvantages To Consider

While turbochargers have numerous perks, it’s essential to know the downsides. Luckily, they aren’t necessarily dealbreakers, but good to know for future reference. Also, while having an engine and its specific requirements for maintenance, turbochargers have their own additional maintenance requirements. So, in theory, the more things that go wrong, the more steps you need to take to maintain your car.

Another potential issue is experiencing turbo lag. Turbo lag is the time between feeling the rush of torque and mashing the throttle simultaneously. You can experience turbo lag when a turbo doesn’t reach a specific RPM range to function correctly. Luckily, this is an easy solution and can get resolved with nitrous oxide, increasing compression ratios, and narrowing the powerband.

So, installing a turbocharger comes with numerous positives for your vehicle. If you’re in the market for OEM turbos, give us a visit at TurboTurbos; we offer a wide selection of OEM turbochargers for sale to our highly valued customers. We believe that turbochargers are an essential piece of machinery to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle’s engine. If you have any questions about our turbocharger, please reach out to us today, and we’ll gladly help you.

The Benefits of Installing a Turbocharger

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