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What To Look For When Buying a Turbocharger

What To Look For When Buying a Turbocharger

We equip vehicles with modifications to improve their power, maneuverability, and top speed. Adding a turbocharger to the engine will increase the power the car sustains while driving, and multiple parts go into this modification. You will need to know what makes your vehicle’s turbocharger provide the best results and improve your capabilities on the road.

Quality Compression

The compression system in a turbocharger is important; without it, the turbo wouldn't compress and chill the air going into the engine’s combustion chamber. You'll want to look for a turbocharger with great compression that takes an efficient amount of air and passes it to the turbine for heating. Your reduction should go well with your vehicle's combustion chamber so that the chamber or other parts of the engine don't experience extreme stress from the greater amount of air.

A Good-Sized Turbine and Compressor Wheel

The turbine and compression wheel depend on each other's size; if one is too small or too large, the turbo may experience a surge and malfunction. Before buying your turbocharger, make sure the wheel is a good size; if the compressor wheel is too small or too large, the compressed air and airflow will cause strain or underperformance in the vehicle.

If you want to avoid the potential of a surge or malfunction in your turbo, BorgWarner turbo parts or parts from another quality brand specializing in durable turbos will protect the integrity of the turbocharger and the engine.

A Great Trim

The turbo trim measures the air passing between the inducer and exducer along the turbine or compression wheel. Pay close attention to the trim before buying a turbocharger to ensure quality parts will move an efficient amount of air through the turbo and into the engine. The quality of the trim shows that the parts within the turbo require great detail and that you will need to ensure that each area is of a good standard.

The turbocharger is a great aspect of a turbo engine because multiple elements ensure it is the best for your vehicle. Make sure you know what to look for when buying a turbo to save time and money.

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