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The Worst Mistakes You Can Do To a Muscle Car

The Worst Mistakes You Can Do To a Muscle Car

If you are a car lover, owning a muscle car is a great pleasure. Classic muscle cars are rare finds in today’s world, leaving them extremely valuable and desired. However, if you’re an owner of a muscle car you must have the right tools and knowledge to care for such a prized possession. If you don’t, you’re squandering the point of owning a muscle car in the first place. No one wants that. They’re great cars and must be taken care of with respect and the proper knowledge. So, let us help you! Below, we list some of the worst mistakes you can do to a muscle car that can hopefully shed some light on what to steer clear from as an owner to keep your vintage car in great condition.

No Distasteful Body Kits

Part of the beauty of classic muscle cars in their original and look. Many times when individuals choose obnoxious body kits for their cars, it takes away from that classic look. That’s exactly why it’s important to steer clear of any hood scoops and chin spoilers. These two adjustments often made in body kits are just some of the changes that completely alter the body and look of the classic vehicle. Trust us, you don’t want this to be the case for your muscle car!

Don’t Cut the Body  

If you want a convertible, buy a comfortable one. Don’t take the classic muscle car that you have and turn it into a convertible. Not only are you altering a car that shouldn’t even be a convertible, but you’re ruining its overall classiness. Not to mention that making a large adjustment like this can be extremely damaging to the overall value of the car.

It’s also important to note that making a drastic change to the body of a vehicle like this would bring into question the structure of the overall vehicle. Nobody wants to be driving a car that’s not safe!

Never Buy Underbody Neon Lights

This was more of a trend in the early 2000s, however, it’s an option that’s still out there. The best thing to do is completely ignore it. Having underbody neon lights takes away from the beauty of your vehicle. You want your classic car to be graceful and magnificent, and cheesy neon lights will not help you achieve that.

Steer Clear of Terrible Paint Jobs

While some think it’s cool or unique to try vibrant or multi-colors for their muscle car, it’s just not the way to go. Having crazy murals or designs painted onto the car isn’t a great idea, either. This is another element that greatly subtracts from the vehicle’s originality. Stick with your original color or, if you’re set on making a paint change, keep it classic.

However, please remember that if you don’t mind the color of your car and you want to save money, stay clear of painting the vehicle at all. The process can be expensive and timely.

No Air Suspension Kits

Lowering your car can look cool. However, similar to the other points we explain above, doing this can take away from the car’s look. You don’t want to alter its body that much, and you don’t want to harm the vehicle in any way, either. This change will ruin your car! Don’t even consider it.

Rule Out Engine Swaps

As a car lover and a muscle car owner, you want your car to be in the best possible condition. There are steps that you can take to make sure this happens! You can find a great mechanic to tune up your muscle car and make sure everything is moving smoothly—or, if you know how to do it yourself that is even better. Upgrading and putting in new parts is something that must be done from time to time. However, please stay clear of completely swapping out engines. Your engine must go with the type of classic muscle car you have.

Don’t Cheap Out

Owning a muscle car can be an expensive hobby. When you get into muscle cars, knowing this is extremely important; you shouldn’t ever take the cheap option. For example, buying cheap turbo kits is an awful move to make as a classic muscle car owner. Doing this would allow for the installation of an unreliable and damaging element to your vintage, classic vehicle. Obviously, that would be a terrible thing to have happen. Instead, do your research and find the right turbocharger that will be a great asset to your car.

Keep Away From All Modernization

We understand that cars nowadays have hand-free Bluetooth systems that allow you to talk on the phone while driving; this is a great advantage. However, no matter how great the advantage is, please do not cut into the dashboard and install a modern entertainment system. This will only take away from the originality and classiness of the car. Instead, put your phone away and enjoy the ride!

It is our hope this information that covers the worst mistakes you can do to a muscle car will help you be the best vintage muscle car owner you can be. These were important to read over because, while some of the elements might seem like a good idea at the time, in the end they’ll just end up degrading the car (and most likely making you feel disappointed as a result). These vehicles are such a staple part of our history that we can’t lose them. They deserve to be taken care of by the absolute best, so this list this is us doing our part!

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The Worst Mistakes You Can Do To a Muscle Car

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