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Understanding Turbo Wheel Trim

Understanding Turbo Wheel Trim

Many times, when talking about Turbochargers, you will also hear the term turbo wheel trim used. This is because the term refers to a large part of the turbocharger. For a better understanding of turbo wheel trim and what it is, continue reading below.


The relationship between the inducer and the exducer of the turbine and compressor wheels is known as the turbo wheel trim. You may also hear people refer to this as the area ratio as well. It is important to note that the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel both use the turbo wheel trim in the same exact way.

Inducer vs. Exducer

To better understand the turbo wheel trim, you have to start with the inducer and exducer.

Exducer—The larger part of the turbine and compressor is known as the exducer. This is where the air exits and goes into the compressor.

Inducer—The inner portion of the turbocharger wheel is the inducer. This is also where the air enters the turbocharger. It is a huge element of the turbocharger overall.

Things To Keep in Mind

The information above should give you a solid foundation of what a turbo wheel trim is for when you are purchasing or buying a turbocharger. However, there are still some additional points that you should keep in mind. The first being that the size of the wheel trim shouldn’t be mentioned when purchasing a turbocharger. Just because it is bigger, does not make it better or mean that it will have a bigger boost. Look into how to calculate the wheel trim to better understand this element when purchasing the product.

Turbochargers can be complex and hard to understand. It is our hope that this information we shared provided you with a better understanding of turbo wheel trim. Always keep this in mind when purchasing any turbocharger-related products.

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