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Twin Scroll Turbos vs. Single Turbos: What’s the Difference?

Twin Scroll Turbos vs. Single Turbos: What’s the Difference?

Turbocharged cars provide unparalleled power despite having smaller engines, and you can optimize any vehicle with a turbo setup. You can choose either a twin scroll turbo or a single one. We compare twin scroll turbos vs. single turbos for anyone asking, “What’s the difference?” Use this information to find the best option for your car.

Single Turbo

You’ll see single turbo kits more often than twin scroll kits. Why? They’re more cost effective and smaller. The latter characteristic can be really beneficial if you don’t have much space under the hood in the first place. Single turbos have more power band than a twin-turbo set up, delivering more horsepower and building boost slower. If you’re looking to upgrade the performance of a muscle car, a single turbo is the better option due to the added traction.

Twin Scroll Turbo

Even though twin turbos have some drawbacks, such as the need for more space in your engine, they’re great options for everyday cars. A twin scroll turbo only needs the exhaust from four cylinders, so it’s much faster than a single turbo. If you want to avoid the dreaded turbo lag, you’ll want to choose a twin over a single.

How To Choose the Right Turbo Option

How do you know which turbo is the best fit for your vehicle? To decide between twin scroll turbos vs. single turbos, you need to know the differences and see how they’ll affect your vehicle. You’ll need to weigh your goals for your car, especially if you have a performance vehicle, alongside practical issues like whether you have enough space to install a twin turbo. No matter which turbo you choose, you’ll still be giving your vehicle an upgrade in performance.

Choose TurboTurbos

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