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What a Blown Turbocharger Looks & Sounds Like

What a Blown Turbocharger Looks & Sounds Like

A turbocharger is a great component for boosting the performance of your vehicle. Whether you have a truck, car, or SUV, most vehicles can benefit from the extra power that a turbo provides. But if you have one, you should also be on the lookout for potential issues to see if it has completely failed. Learn what a blown turbocharger looks and sounds like.

What Causes a Blown Turbo?

A blown turbocharger can come about in more than one way. Here are several factors that can cause your turbocharger to fail:

  • The wrong motor oil or a lack of oil can cause a blown turbo.
  • Age and excessive milage can cause wear and tear.
  • Bad seals around the turbo housing can allow oil to enter the exhaust system and create problems.

Decreased Acceleration

A turbocharger gives your car the ability to accelerate faster, and if you notice that your vehicle isn’t accelerating like it used to, the turbo could be the issue. Take your car to a mechanic to check for signs of wear or tear if you’re noticing a slower acceleration. You should also keep in mind that a check engine light can also signify that your turbo is failing.

Loud Noises

What sounds signal that you have a bad turbocharger? Generally, any loud noises that sound like whining or screeching. You most likely have a turbo problem if you’re driving and hear a loud whining sound that gets worse the longer you leave it alone.

More Oil Usage

If you’re noticing you’re refilling your oil more often than usual, something may be amiss. Sometimes, the turbo can leak, and you can see the leaking oil if you peek inside the turbine. Even though increased oil use is typical of a slower turbo failure, you should still fix it sooner rather than later to avoid other problems.

Find a New Turbo at TurboTurbos

After understanding what a blown turbocharger looks and sounds like, you might need to order a new one. Find a Holset turbo for sale at TurboTurbos for a medium- to heavy-duty diesel engine. Or contact us, and our experts will help you find the right replacement turbocharger for your vehicle.

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