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What’s the Difference: Good vs. Bad Turbocharger Kits

What’s the Difference: Good vs. Bad Turbocharger Kits

Making changes to your vehicle requires additional knowledge of car functionality and maintenance. Whether you’re changing out old tires for higher-quality ones or want to overhaul the sound system with a better one entirely, you have to compare and decide which product suits your vehicle better.

Turbochargers give additional power to your engine, offering numerous benefits to improve quality. If you want to know the differences between good and bad turbocharger kits, we’ll go over how turbochargers function and what to look for.

What Does a Turbocharger Do?

A turbocharger is an attachment you add to your car’s engine. Its job is to compress more air flowing into the engine’s cylinder. As the air compresses, the oxygen molecules pack together closely, resulting in more fuel entering a naturally aspirated engine.

Turbochargers increase power in your car’s engine and improve fuel efficiency. You can fit a turbocharger to most small engines, making it a fantastic addition that provides strength to most cars.

Good Turbocharger Features

When learning about the differences between good and bad turbocharger kits, you have to know what to look for. A good turbocharger kit ideally has features that help you towards your car goals. Look for the quality of the turbo manifold and header; turbochargers won’t perform appropriately without supporting products. Manifolds and headers play a significant role; they help move exhaust gases to the turbo, which is crucial for all car applications.

Additionally, wastegates control how fast the turbo spins, resulting in a greater boost. The size of the wastegate is important for managing the turbo. The size should correlate with the motor’s size, power goals, and efficiency. Lastly, your turbo needs to include oil feeds and drains, blow-off valves, and an intercooler.

Bad Turbocharger Features

Turbocharger sizes can make or break your engine’s performance. If the turbine side is too small, it can create too much exhaust pressure and hinder the turbo’s power. If the turbo is too large, it can result in a ‘lazy turbo’ effect, spooling too late in the RPM range and resulting in late responses.

If your turbocharger has missing parts or incorrect component sizes, it can become a detriment to your engine. Faulty or bad parts can result in compressor surges, delayed performance, and irreversible damage.

Whether you need a turbocharger replacement or new turbo parts, we’ve got you covered. At TurboTurbos, we provide name-brand parts that perfectly suit your engine and turbocharger. If you’re looking for a Cummins turbo for sale, reach out to us today, and we’ll gladly help you.

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